Our Celenza Heritage Links

A collection of some of our  favorite Italian genealogy links

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Italian Family History Sites

Cyndi's List (Italy), a great starting point for all of your online Italian genealogy research

Calabrian Genealogy, full of historic context, including the great earthquakes that have devastated Calabria throughout history

Ignazio Family Tree, a great example of a  family tree with excellent pictures and a lot of heart!

Our Sicilian Family Tree

Nuccia's Family History, an inspiration to us all

Historelli's Social Club, part blog, part family history

Samuel J. Bifano and the men of the 324th Field Artillery Batallion, 83rd Infantry Division, a loving tribute to the men of our greatest generation


Sites Dedicated to Italian Towns

Paduli in America, a great site dedicated to Paduli, Province of Benevento

Citizens of Paduli with their American counterparts at Ellis Island


Montalto Uffugo, Cosenza, Calabria, a comprehensive site with online records 

The Carini Exchange, another incredible site with online records

Bovino, Foggia, English language site with many pictures

Brognaturo, English and Italian site dedicated Brognaturo, Vibo Valentia, Calabria

Macchia Valfortore, English and Italian site dedicated to Macchia Valfortore, a town located across the Valfortore River from Celenza Valfortore


Other Celenza Valfortore sites

The official website of Celenza Valfortore, parla italiano?

Celenza Valfortore and San Marco la Catola online , an Italian language site dedicated to Celenza Valfortore and the neighboring town of San Marco la Catola

Parish of Santa Croce, Celenza Valfortore, an Italian language site of the parish of Santa Croce, includes a nice list of the pastors from 1612 to 2002


Italian Genealogy Forums 

Gente di Mare Genealogy

Italian Genealogy Forum



Italy World Club, a guide to Italian regions, provinces and communes

The Italian Genealogical Group, an incredible database of New York related records

Italian/English Dictionary

Italian surname distribution mapping, enter your surname under "cognome" and see how it is geographically distributed throughout Italy

Steve Morse Genealogy Search Engines

Ellis Island Manifests, an invaluable FREE research tool, and while you are there, also take a look at Save Ellis Island for pictures and stories of the forgotten hospital wards

 Puglia News, if you can read Italian, there is usually some current news about Celenza if you search on this site

Italian handwriting, examples of old Italian handwriting, which is valuable when reading microfilms of old birth acts