Points are 100 points minus age; you don't get many points for 97 year olds, pick the next River Phoenix or Dimebag Darrel from Pantera and score big points. If you pick an Olsen Twin or Danica Patrick, and she dies, you get more points than if you'd picked the Pope.

  • No animals
  • Must be nationally famous, their death should be in a national paper, or Yahoo! I, Kevin the Commissioner, make the decision; I can be overruled by a 51% majority vote so I do not cheat. If you pick a female porn star, please submit a copy of their best DVD for verification. We emphasize that it must be a general news source; if your celebrity's death appears in Field & Stream but nowhere else, he or she is not a celebrity. A niche audience does not make you a celebrity. If that were the case, my death would be worth points.
  • Scheduled executions do not count. If the government kills your celebrity, your celebrity will be worth zero points. However, you can play death row celebrities, perhaps in the hopes that they will commit suicide or be killed by a fellow inmate; upon their scheduled termination; however, you will get a nice warm cup of jack squat. Scott Peterson would be a good pick if he dies from a beating in the general population.
  • Conjoined (a.k.a. Siamese) twins count as one roster entry. You can play conjoined twins but, as their deaths are so often near-simultaneous, you'll only get credit for a single death.
  • Celebrities must be specifically named. No, "That old guy from that one show."
  • Death of a Black Man's Dream, and other things like can be funny, but will not count.
  • No relatives - You cannot pick your sister because she's a morbidly fat Seacow, she is fat, not famous. No picking old relatives ready to drop either.
  • Never, ever, pick fictional characters. It is just too damn complicated.

Ten extra points if you have a unique pick, one that no other contestant picks
Ten extra points for the first death of the year


Murdering a member of your list (otherwise known as market manipulation) is not allowed. Players may not cause or otherwise participate in the death of any celebrities. If you cause death to a celebrity on your list, you will be suspended for one (1) year of play. If you cause death to a celebrity on another person's list with the intent to manipulate scores, you will also be suspended for one year. If you attempt to use weapons of mass destruction to kill large numbers of people, some of whom are likely to be celebrities, you will be suspended for one year.

THOU SHALT NOT KILL OTHER PLAYERS - Murdering another player shall result in two year suspension from the game.

  • Respect and admiration of your peers and co-competitors is the prize!
  • Death is final, so is referee's decision.