Celebrity Cookbooks


TITLE: “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities”

COMPILED BY: Pamela Whinnery

In the spirit of Kentucky neighborliness, you are invited to take a lighthearted peek into the personal recipe files of celebrities from all across the state of Kentucky as well as those who have strong ties to the Bluegrass State.

This is just what “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities” gives you an opportunity to do. The cookbook has over 300 recipes from local and national personalities, highly visible Kentucky businesses, artist, writers, athletes, sportsmen, actors, musicians, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, notable events and places. In addition, there are brief notes on each contributor. Pamela Whinnery, who put the cookbook together, said she did not think of herself as an author. She felt the real authors were all of the wonderful individuals who took time from their busy schedules to graciously share their favorite recipes. She believes they were willing to do this as they knew the cookbook & each recipe is to be a gift to be shared as a fundraiser for Non-Profit Organizations all across Kentucky.

Whinnery’s goal is to use the cookbook as a fundraiser for non-profit and charitable organizations. She stated, “Fifty percent of any copies that are sold will be given to charities or non-profit organizations that wish to use it as a fundraiser. The other fifty percent is to cover my cost. I feel God has blessed me and this is a way I can give back to the community.”

She started this project almost 6 years ago and has been working on it in her free time.

It has been fun & exciting! There have been so many interesting people and e-mails.

Paducah native, actress Jeri Ryan & her husband French Chef Christophe Eme sent an incredible recipe for lamb, even though they had just had a new baby.

She recalls when sending his recipe, Academy Award Winner Bub Asman of Louisville brought a smile to her face with the statement, “I knew that Oscar would finally pay off.”

Probably the most interesting recipe was from Tom Rickman from Sharpe, KY, whose screenwriting/directing feature movie credits include Oscar-nominated “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” & “Truman,” for which he received an Emmy nomination, “Breakfast with Morrie,” and “Berry Gordy’s Motown,” a miniseries.

The description was just like a short story. Rickman said of his Meatloaf Wellington, “I tried this recipe once on a group of friends from whom the reviews were somewhat, well, guarded. It was, admittedly, an experiment: I wanted to make a downhome version of a Beef Wellington, substituting for its upscale (expensive) ingredients some very downscale (cheap) equivalents – meat loaf instead of a choice cut of beef, braunschweiger (or liverwurst) instead of pate de foie gras, etc. My guests applauded the political statement I was trying to make (they were Californians) while politely not asking for second helpings. I liked it though.” Unfortunately, because she had to edit the cookbook to the publisher’s format, Whinnery could not include that information.

In addition to being a charitable fundraiser, Whinnery believes the cookbook is also a great way to publicize and promote Kentucky tourism, business, industry, historic sites, and most of all the wonderful people who were born, lived, or have ties to Kentucky.

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