What's Different About Rev Tom as an Officiant?

1.  I am passionate about Celebrating Love and that comes through in every aspect of your ceremony.
2.  I am a resourcer who gives you numerous options for every potential part of your ceremony.
3.  I strongly believe that for the ceremony to be YOUR Celebration of Love, it has to reflect both of YOU and not me.
4.  I offer to tell your personal story, your Journey of Love, as part of your ceremony.
5.  While I don't always perceive myself this way, many couples have told me that I have been a calming presence to them throughout the process of developing their ceremonies as well as at their ceremonies.
6.  I relate well to people from many different backgrounds and cultures and generations.
7.  I am open to creative touches to the ceremony that aren't a part of my own experience.
8.  I always maintain the understanding of how special this time is for you and your families and friends.
9.  I respect and honor many different worldviews and beliefs and this flows out of my own worldview and faith.
10. Many couples find the very process of developing their ceremony with me makes them even more excited about their wedding!
11. There is something about me that I hope you don't have to find out is true.  I am very good at dealing with problems that may arise when it's time for your ceremony.  Despite the best planning, things can happen that may not have been expected.  I have learned from my own experience that I do very well in finding creative ways to resolve those problems.  Just this past week, the bride's mother told me after the ceremony that I "turned water into wine."  I knew right away that the comparison was to the first recorded miracle of Jesus which occurred at a wedding (you can find the story in the 4th chapter of the Gospel of John).  Initially I shrank from the comparison because I don't put myself in the same league with Jesus!  But as I thought about it some more, I could see several points of accurate comparison:  a problem arose at a wedding that was potentially disastrous and something 'miraculous' occurred to resolve that problem.  In some ways the problem with my wedding was much more significant than running out of wine at the reception!  Depending on how one defines 'miraculous' what happened to resolve the issue seemed to involve the working of the very best of human powers or even higher-than-human powers.  I don't see myself as a 'miracle-worker' or capable of performing the supernatural at will, but I have learned that I can be the 'vehicle' through which that which some would call miraculous makes an apperance!
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