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Celebrate Your Love Weddings!
More than anything else, a wedding should be a Celebration of your Love.  It should be a romantic yet genuine representation and celebration of your journey of love as a couple as you look forward to continuing that journey as husband and wife.  I believe that a wedding ceremony is key to the whole wedding event.  In the pictures and videos on this site you will see and hear the power of a personal and romantic ceremony.  Come explore how a celebration of love impacts people.  Hear their laughter and see their tears as they are touched by romance.  Savor with them the memories that last a lifetime.
My commitment is to develop ceremonies that people can't stop talking about.  I am passionate that those who are present at the weddings I officiate would come out of those experiences touched and encouraged by love.   
While I am a trained and ordained non-denominational minister, my approach is more spiritual than religious. My training includes Master of Theology (Th.M.) and another Masters (M.S.) in Communication Studies.  My experience in officiating weddings spans over 25 years now. 
Rev. Tom Maluga

Here is a review I received from a drummer for a band that played at a wedding I officiated in October 2013 (she sees a LOT of wedding ceremonies):
I had the unexpected pleasure of attending a wedding ceremony
performed by Reverend Tom Maluga.  There was nothing unusual  about him upon first observation:  nicely and professionally attired, graciously addressing the audience during the seating process and prior to the bride's entrance.  However, once all were seated and the ceremony about to commence, his delightful, warm, unique personality and style came to light.  While expounding the beauty and significance of marriage and love, he interjected the most wonderful, appropriate and clever humor throughout the entire service.  He officiated in a most charismatic manner.....you could hear a pin drop throughout the entire ceremony, as he had everybody entirely engaged....nobody wanted to miss a single profound or hilarious word.  All this, while presenting his immensely touching and poignant insight regarding love and the key ingredients for a successful marriage.  Throughout the remainder of the evening, Reverend Tom Maluga was sought after and complimented by so many of the still-smiling, very appreciative guests.  He is a gem.

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