Coalition for Educational Justice
founded in 1999

Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) is a non-profit, grassroots, multiracial, membership organization that is fighting for a non corporate-driven transformation in public education


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Schools LA Students Deserve Grassroots Coalition is a volunteer-led, member-driven,

grassroots organization made up of parents, students and teachers in Los Angeles.  We are

dedicated to building a movement to struggle against institutional oppressions such as class and

race inequities that exist in the school system and broader society.

Schools LA Students Deserve Grassroots Coalition has existed for 3 years.  In our first year,

we engaged hundreds of people from across the city and developed a comprehensive vision of

what we believe education should look like.  We are now working to build shared power and

deep leadership among our three constituencies: students, parents, and teachers. 

Our main work currently focuses on: (1) growing political consciousness, commitment, and

ability to act on issues of institutional oppression such as anti-Black racism, xenophobia,

classism, and adultism; (2) challenging neoliberalism and the aggressive privatization of public

schools (such as school closures and massive charter school expansion); and (3) engaging people

at the grassroots and policy level on the need to fund core areas of public education including

Community Schools, smaller class sizes, college counselors, arts, electives, custodial staff, and

comprehensive healthcare centers.

We have 7 student chapters in LAUSD: 5 in high schools, 1 regionally-based, and 1 in

elementary school.  We also have a small committed base of emerging parent leaders rooted in 6

main schools.  An enthusiastic group of alumni are now attending college.  Several parent,

student, and teacher member-organizers are emerging at schools around the city.

About the Position

We seek individuals with a passion for organizing to build a movement, not just an organization

or campaign.  This means we are looking for people who believe in the capacity of all people to

take leadership and grow.  It means working to develop structures and meeting cultures that are

horizontal and non-hierarchical.  The ideal candidate will enjoy working with inexperienced and

experienced grassroots leaders.  We are looking for someone who is eager to build the capacity

and leadership of our members by supporting us.  The person in this position will help support

people’s leadership and ability to organize and bring about policy changes, cultural shifts, and

investment that improve the quality of life for predominantly poor and working class Latina and

African-American communities. 

We are not looking for someone to be a spokesperson or the sole leader; instead, we are want

someone who is eager to work collaboratively with people who have been doing unfunded on-

the-ground organizing for three years or more.  We need someone who can build our capacity

and leadership by supporting us.  Since ALL of our members are parents, students, and/or

teachers, we need someone who can meet during some daytimes, weekends and evenings.

This role requires building alliances and working relationships with other organizations and

unions.  The ideal candidate will balance the need to work with these organizations and unions as

well as maintain independence from them as needed. 

This is a full-time position with health benefits. Salary is dependent upon experience and


Schools LA Students Deserve Grassroots Coalition is a project of Coalition for Educational

Justice (CEJ).  CEJ is funded through the non-profit status of Social and Environment

Entrepreneurs (SEE).  This position will be funded through SEE for one year with the possibility

of a second year extension.  SEE is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer that actively

recruits people of color, women, people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ community.

School and Community Organizer

Primary Responsibilities

 Effectively foster genuine long-lasting relationships with and among parents, students,

and teachers

 Build a deep base of parents and students in low-income/no-income communities of color

who want to organize for educational, economic, and racial justice in and beyond public

education in Los Angeles

 Work with the members and leaders of this group to develop their vision for excellent

schools and a roadmap to advance this vision

 Work with member-leaders to implement vision and campaign

 Collaborate with a core of member-leaders on agendas and facilitation

 Co-develop a leadership team of parents

 Support student organizing at school sites that have active members

Job Requirements

 Minimum 2 years of experience in organizing a base of youth, families, community

residents, or workers

 Some experience in co-developing and carrying-out multi-issue campaigns

 Dedication to building racial and economic justice; Deep understanding of issues facing

Black and Latina communities, undocumented communities, and low-income and poor


 Excellent organizational skills – good attention to detail and well organized;

 Ability to both take initiative and ask for help

 Ability to work well with diverse groups and constituencies

 Ability to communicate meaningfully via phone, email, text, & social media

 Ability to work flexible hours within reason and on an advance notice schedule – an

average of two evenings each week and some weekends

 Willingness to travel out-of town for about 3 conferences a year.

 Access to a reliable and insured car preferred but not required.

 Spanish/English bilingual and bicultural preferred but not required.

 Experience working within coalitions a preferred but not required.

How to apply

By March 1, 2016, send a cover letter, resume and two letters of recommendation to Dipti Baranwal at with the subject “Schools LA Students Deserve Organizer Position”


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