Social Irish dancing can be an amazing way to spend your time. I've created this site to serve as a repository of information on social Irish dancing in the Bay Area tradition.

The Stanford Ceili has done an excellent job of assembling many dance notes in one place, so I don't see the need to duplicate those efforts at this time. That being said, I have included some choreography not covered there (or covered there differently), as well as some tips and tricks for callers, a spreadsheet of dances sorted by length, and my notes on polka sets and their figures.

If you're looking for a printed reference, I'd suggest Tom Quinn's Irish Dancing Collins Pocket Reference. While it isn't comprehensive, it is exceedingly clear and has an excellent glossary. I also carry around a copy of the Irish Dancing Commission's Ár Rincí Fóirne: Thirty Popular Ceili Dances. Again, not comprehensive, but essentially the Bible for the thirty dances contained therein. You can order a copy from the CLRG.

I have created a brochure called Calling Notes for Irish Dances which focuses on the most common dances I see among the Irish community here in the Bay Area. Initially created in 2009, the brochure is currently on its third printing. Feel free to ask me for a copy!