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We, the seven students from Austria, are already working hard and really looking forward to meeting you at the CEI conference in Aberdeen this summer.

 In our school environmental issues have been the focus of interest for a long time and our students have participated in various projects all over the world, such as:

 GEYC (Global Environmental Youth Convention)

  • BSP (UNESCO Baltic Sea Project)
  • ICE (Ice Climate Education, an UNESCO-Project in Iceland)  

 We are trying to raise public awareness and interest in environmental topics. As we are convinced that it is our duty to save the beauty and diversity of our nature for generations to come, our main focus is on sustainability.

 Working with partners from the USA, Poland and Indonesia is a special challenge and pleasure for us.

Many thanks to all of them for sharing their ideas with us.

This is our project:

Topic selection:                 Water

Project:                               Storm water management

Partners:                              OREGON/USA -RYAN KINETT (teacher)                          

            POLAND - TONI SALAMON (teacher)

            INDONESIA – ARI DIAN (teacher)

1.    Short topographical and geological description of our home districts

2.      Comparison of special climate data

3.      Description of the watershed in our region

4.      Different anthropogenic measures to detain storm water or to reduce peak runoff rates

5.      Storm water management in villages and towns

6.      Ecological use of rainwater in houses


If you want to get in touch with us or have any questions, please send your mail to johann.mischlinger@brg-judenburg.ac.at , jasmin.ressler@brg-judenburg.ac.at or hertraut.scheucher@brg-judenburg.ac.at


We are looking forward to working with you!