Newsletter No. 17 - Summer 2019


First, the new direction would like to warmly thank the outgoing direction team for the work it has done between 2013 and 2018. The team significantly contributed to strengthening CEIAS's influence through the scientific events it organised, to name but one of its accomplishments among many others. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Marie Fourcade, Caterina Guenzi, Corinne Lefèvre and Ines G. Županov for their efforts and dedication.

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Focus On

Launch of a new Master’s in “Asian Studies” in Paris (EHESS-EFEO-EPHE)

The “South and East Asia” Master's degree (Asie Méridionale et Orientale - AMO) was created in 2005-2006 by Jean-Claude Galey (Professor of Anthropology affiliated with the CEIAS) following the application at the EHESS of the national reform of university degrees. Its aim was to provide a demanding student body with the opportunity to train as specialists in a cultural area while acquiring disciplinary expertise in the field of social sciences.

From the Field

So He, So Hu (Like this, like that)

In 2016, I started a research project devoted to a sacred figure named Jhulelal. The project straddles Pakistan and India, where the devotees of Jhulelal are settled. Jhulelal is associated with the Indus River, and his worship is shared by Muslims and Hindus, but his status for each is different: he is a saint for the Muslims and a god for the Hindus. My research project focuses on what I call the ‘Sindhicate area,’ which means the territories where Sindhis are established, and it aimed to explore how partition had impacted Jhulelal’s worship both in Pakistan and in India.

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In Search of the Green City Mission

As a Postdoctoral Scholar at the CEIAS, I received funding from the Center to carry out fieldwork in January 2018. On this occasion, I traveled to the Kolkata metropolitan area where I began a new research project on the Green City Mission, a major urban program officially launched by the West-Bengal government in 2017.

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Navigating the Coromandel Coast Smart Cities

For this research stay in February 2018 in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Union Territory, one of the things I intended to do was follow up my observations on the implementation of the Smart Cities policy that is part of the urban policy as it has been revamped since 2014 by the BJP government.

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News from elsewhere

EHESS Visiting Scholar Program

Every year, EHESS (the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) research centers invite foreign professors for a period of one month, during which they present a series of lectures. This year, the CEIAS was pleased to welcome, Christopher Pinney (Professor of Anthropology and Visual Culture, University College London), Audrey Truschke (Assistant Professor, Department of History, Rutgers University-Newark), Carl W. Ernst (Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Anne Murphy (Associate Professor, Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia) as Visiting Scholars.

"Des déchets et des hommes. La mise en image du rebut" : The City of Waste

Photography Exhibition, Workshop and Seminars co-organised by Rémi de Bercegol & Christine Ithurbide


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