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Integrating Formal and Informal Learning
This is a course and community designed around rethinking the way we think about teaching and learning in online and blended (flexible) environments

Our Weekly Learning Path:

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First, we will  examine our own definitions of learning pathways. Then we will consider different key aspects needed for learning pathways and finally we will complete a learning pathway about alternative assessment.

This course introduces and examines how to integrate formal and informal learning into our classrooms. The emphasis is on Learning Pathways - and how we as facilitators can encourage students to become self directed learners by considering: competency based learning, formal and informal learning, learning design, alternative assessment and digital storytelling in our learning environments.

Course Communication and Content:

  • The content for the course will be found here on this google site.
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  • For Twitter, please use the hashtag #CEETOpen
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Course Objectives:

1) To examine and identify learning pathways

2) To identify educational elements to support learning pathways

  • Competency based learning

  • Formal and informal learning

  • Learning design

  • Alternative assessment
  • Digital storytelling
Course Syllabus:



Day 1 - Jan 31

Introductions and What are Learning Pathways?

Introductions in the Google Community

Brainstorm Learning Pathways Linoit

Day 2 - Feb 1

What is Competency Based Learning?


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Day 3 - Feb 2

What are examples of formal and informal learning?

Images and Videos of Informal Learning

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Day 4 - Feb 3

What is the impact of learning design on learning pathways?

Personal Reflection

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Day 5 - Feb 4

What are examples of  Alternative Assessment options?

Twitter Chat - Alternative Assessment

12 noon PST #CEETOpen

Rubric Creation

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Day 6 - Feb 5

What is the importance of Digital Storytelling in Learning?

Digital Story Creation

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Day 7 - Feb 6

Follow a Learning Pathway in Keiro

Complete Learning Pathway in Keiro

on Tools that integrate formal and informal learning

Facilitator Information:

My name is Verena Roberts and I am the lead facilitator for this course. I am an educational consultant who specializes in k12 online and blended learning and innovation. I am the acting Chief of Innovation for CANeLearn and the iNACOL 2013 k12 Online and Blended Learning Innovative Practice Award Recipient.

You can contact me directly through my email: verenanz@gmail.com

or through twitter: @verenanz

Clint Surry will be the assistant facilitator, he can be contacted at csurry@sides.ca 
or through twitter:

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