If you're looking for the CEET Meet on Infographics, Visual Literacy , and Cross-Curricular Connections, you're in the right place. This Meet is unusual for a couple of reasons. First it is the result of a collaboration between 2 educators who live on almost opposite sides of the globe: Kelly Grogan who teaches at Hong Kong International School in Hong Kong and Sue Hellman who's spending a couple of years on staff at the University of New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada. The existence of this Meet is a testimony to the strength of partnerships that evolve and live entirely in a virtual space. As well, it's an experiment in moving CEET Meets into a more open space. That poses challenges which are easily solved inside the virtual walls of an LMS, but also creates new opportunities for the work and ideas embodied here to have a longer life and greater impact. 

We hope that, as you move between the different learning & community spaces that have been connected together for this open CEET Meet, you'll come to get a bigger picture of this Meet as a sort of mini-campus with a main hub -- the Meet Home Page --  surrounded by a constellation of special purpose areas all of which are linked from the Navigation Panel at your left. Also, although the  Meet has a linear look, that is a result of our need to keep ourselves organized. We encourage you to explore the topics and activities and to engage with each other as you go along -- to seek and provide tech support, to discuss bigger ideas associated with visual literacy and big data, and to share your project work so others can benefit from your ideas. 

With that being said, we declare this Meet 'open' -- both literally and figuratively. Enjoy!!


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