Workshops for Educators

Summer 2018 Workshops


Dates: 7/9-7/13

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Cost: $675

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is a powerful and engaging tool for teaching engineering, technology, science, and math. Tufts University's CEEO Summer LEGO Engineering Institute gives teachers the background they need to make effective use of LEGO robotics in their classrooms. Through hands-on, open-ended design projects, participants will learn engineering concepts, LEGO hardware & software, and related pedagogy. Throughout, we will focus on effective classroom implementation: how to share these concepts with students in an approachable and creative way.

This workshop is appropriate for teachers with a range of experience with EV3 robotics. Participants will begin with the basics of LEGO programming, building, and data logging, including the use of motors, sensors, and gears. Classroom management will also be discussed—running multi-day open-ended projects, appealing to both girls and boys, grouping students effectively, organizing and storing materials. We will then delve into more complex concepts. Sample project: attach a gyro sensor and markers to a simple car and program it to draw spirograph designs.

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Novel Engineering

Dates: July 9-10

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Cost: $350

Novel Engineering is an integrated approach to teaching engineering and literacy. As part of Novel Engineering, students develop projects based on texts they read in English Language Arts or other content classes, such as history. The characters become their clients and students pull information from the text to scope problems and set constraints as they engage in engineering design. Teachers play a pivotal role in supporting their students’ engagement by providing a supportive, responsive environment that will allow students to build on their ideas as they work on complex, ill-defined problems. Instead of prescribing a particular solution or process for students, we believe that teaching engineering involves listening to, understanding, and responding to student thinking. Design is about realizing the ideas of individuals and Novel Engineering gives students the space to explore their ideas through design projects as they work on classroom goals.     

This two-day professional development workshop will consist of three main strands.

  • Engaging teachers in engineering by having them work through Novel Engineering activities

  • Looking at video of students’ engaged in Novel Engineering activities to understand what NE looks like in a classroom and to identify the beginning of engineering in an integrated activity

  • Planning Novel Engineering units for the classroom

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Getting Started with Makerspaces for K-8 Educators

Dates: July 13

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Cost: $175

This one day workshop is ideal for educators in the early stages of designing or implementing a makerspace in their schools. Makerspaces can provide wonderful opportunities for hands-on learning and have been designed and used in a variety of ways depending on a school’s needs and resources. While there are many commonalities, we realize that every educator comes with their own unique set of constraints and objectives for their makerspace, and this workshop provides a venue to explore ways in which to maximize the space, cultivate a community around the space, and resources for getting started. This workshop will involve a mix of group discussions and talks on pedagogies around project-based learning, hands-on activities, and at least one visit to a local makerspace. For more in-depth tool/software trainings, educators are recommended to take the “Integrating More Making into the K-8 Classroom”.

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