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2017 Workshops

Workshops for Kids

Summer 2017 Workshops

1-2 Grade


Dates:  8/7-8/11

Time: 9 AM - 3 PM

Grades: 1st - 2nd (Fall 2017)

Cost: $550

Pets play a very special role in people's lives. In this workshop, children will explore different ways in which engineering can be used to help animals that people love and care for. Children will use and learn about the engineering design process through a combination of robotic (LEGO WeDo 2.0) and non-robotic activities. From making a wheelchair for a dog with a dislocated spine, to filtering water for a fish tank, children will learn about the power of engineering.

Registration Link: tiny.cc/pethelpers

3rd - 5th Grade

Engineering in the Digital Age - TWO SPOTS REMAINING

Dates: 8/14-8/18

Time: 9 AM - 3 PM

Grades: 3rd-5th (Fall 2017)

Cost: $550

With the rate at which new technologies are developed, the ability to break down a problem and express the solution in a form that a computer can understand is more important than ever. Computational Thinking focuses on the skills needed to be a Digital Citizen, understand new technologies and how they function, and the thought processes required in Computer Science. We will learn these skills through fun, hands-on activities ranging from playing games, robotic LEGO Mindstorms EV3 challenges, and other programming activities using a variety of materials.

Registration Link: tiny.cc/digitalage

3rd - 8th Grade

Co-Ed Robotics

Grades: 3rd-8th (Fall 2017)

Time: 9 AM - 3 PM

Cost: $550

This session will help students design, build, and program using the engineering design process. Several open-ended challenges will be posed to the students throughout the week. They will use standard LEGO bricks, programmable LEGO bricks, and other materials to complete these design challenges. The week will start with activities focusing on stability in design and move to other topics, such as gearing, weight distribution, and momentum, as the students incorporate programming and motors into their designs. Students will be grouped by age and experience. Students that have attended multiple sessions in the past will be able to work on independent projects if they chose.

Session 1

Dates: 6/19 - 6/23

Registration Link: tiny.cc/coed1

Session 2

Dates: 7/10-7/14

Registration Link: tiny.cc/coed2

Session 3 - FULL

Dates: 7/31-8/4

Registration Link: tiny.cc/coed3

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Workshops for Educators

Summer 2017 Workshops

2017 Summer LEGO Engineering Institute for Educators

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 is a powerful and engaging tool for teaching engineering, technology, science, and math. Tufts University's CEEO Summer LEGO Engineering Institute gives teachers the background they need to make effective use of LEGO robotics in their classrooms.  Through hands-on, open-ended design projects, participants will learn engineering concepts, LEGO hardware & software, and related pedagogy. Throughout, we will focus on effective classroom implementation: how to share these concepts with students in an approachable and creative way. The Institute is geared towards high school and middle school teachers. It is open to any K-12 teacher, informal education provider, volunteer, or member of industry interested in learning about LEGO Engineering.

Beginner EV3

Dates: 8/7-8/11

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Cost: $650

This session is designed for educators with little or no experience with LEGO MINDSTORMS. Participants will learn the basics of LEGO programming, building, and data logging, including the use of motors, sensors, and gears. Classroom management will also be discussed—running multi-day open-ended projects, appealing to both girls and boys, grouping students effectively, organizing and storing materials. Sample project: attach a gyro sensor and markers to a simple car and program it to draw spirograph designs.

Registration Link: tiny.cc/beginnerinstitute

Intermediate EV3

Dates: 8/14-8/18

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Cost: $650

This session is designed for educators with previous experience with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 or NXT. Participants will build on their previous experience, learning more advanced programming, building, and data-logging techniques. Programming topics include multiple switches, variables, data wires, mathematical operations, and arrays. Building topics include different types of gears and mechanisms such as four-bar linkages and reciprocating legs. Sample project: design a robotic puppy that uses proportional control to heel.

Novel Engineering

Dates: July 24-25

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Cost: $350

Novel Engineering is an integrated approach to teaching engineering and literacy. As part of Novel Engineering, students develop projects based on texts they read in English Language Arts or other content classes, such as history. The characters become their clients and students pull information from the text to scope problems and set constraints as they engage in engineering design. Teachers play a pivotal role in supporting their students’ engagement by providing a supportive, responsive environment that will allow students to build on their ideas as they work on complex, ill-defined problems. Instead of prescribing a particular solution or process for students, we believe that teaching engineering involves listening to, understanding, and responding to student thinking. Design is about realizing the ideas of individuals and Novel Engineering gives students the space to explore their ideas through design projects as they work on classroom goals.     

This two-day professional development workshop will consist of three main strands.

  • Engaging teachers in engineering by having them work through Novel Engineering activities

  • Looking at video of students’ engaged in Novel Engineering activities to understand what NE looks like in a classroom and to identify the beginning of engineering in an integrated activity

  • Planning Novel Engineering units for the classroom

Since summer workshops do not allow for time to practice and reflect with your own students, there is an online portion of this workshop that teachers may participate in throughout the school year at no extra charge.  

Registration Link: tiny.cc/summernovelengineering

Payment Link: tiny.cc/summerteacherpay

Makerspace - FULL

Dates: July 26-27

Time: 9 AM - 4 PM

Cost: $275

This Tufts University’s CEEO Summer Makerspace Workshop is designed for educators, school administrators, librarians, or anyone else from formal and informal settings with a desire to learn more about makerspaces, from design conception, to understanding the tools within them, and how to cultivate a collaborative “maker” culture within their own space. While makerspaces have great potential for exposing students to unique opportunities in creative problem-solving, hands-on projects, and teamwork, the creation and utilization of such spaces is no simple task!

During this  workshop educators will get:

  • hands-on experiences through design using various tools,

  • resources to help build confidence in these unique learning environments,

  • an understanding of what is desirable for a variety of settings and age groups from elementary to high school, and informal to formal settings, and

  • the opportunity to discuss implementation with fellow educators across disciplines so that you can apply space design, tools, and project ideas in your own schools.

No previous experience with makerspaces or tools is required, although participants are expected to contribute to group discussions and projects! We will also provide training on tools including the laser cutter, 3D printers, and EV3 robotics. Hands-on activities may include 3D prototyping with the laser cutter (using Adobe software) and EV3 design challenges.

Registration Link: tiny.cc/summermakerspace

Payment Link: tiny.cc/summerteacherpay

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