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Chuyang Y. TangAssociate Professor

Ph.D. (Stanford University)


6-19B Haking Wong Building

Department of Civil Engineering

The University of Hong Kong


Tel: +65 6790-5267; Fax: +65 6791-0676; E-mail: tangc@hku.hk  

Homepage: http://hub.hku.hk/cris/rp/rp01765  



Research in Membrane Technology


Dr Tang’s main research interests include membrane technology, surface and interfacial science, and advanced physical and chemical processes.  He is experienced in membrane characterization, membrane fouling mitigation, and emerging contaminant removal using reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes.  He has been working on membrane separation and membrane fouling for the last seven years, for which he has been extensively involved in characterizing the physiochemical properties of membranes and foulant layers, performing fouling and rejection tests, and modelling membrane performance behaviours.  He is involved in novel membranes and membrane processes development.  Dr Tang is also interested in the application of surface, interfacial, and colloidal science in aquatic systems.