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Department of Finance, ESG/UQAM

315, Sainte-Catherine East

Montreal, QC, H2X 3X2

I am an associate professor of Finance at ESG, UQAMMy research interests include Macro-Finance, Pricing, Risk Management, and Econometrics.


Before joining the PhD program in Finance at HEC Montreal, I earned a Master Degree in Mathematical and Computational Finance from University of Montreal while working as a Market Risk Analyst for Brookfield Renewable Power. Prior to that, I obtained my Bachelor in Statistics and Mathematics at the ENEA, Dakar. During my studies I was supported by several grants including Lindau Nobel-Prize Laureates Meeting Foundation, Bank of Canada, AKB Foundation, HEC Professorship in Derivative Securities, Canada Research Chair in Risk Management, IFM2, NSERC, CIRPEE, AUF and European Development Fund.