Post-doctoral Researcher in Economic History

I am a post-doctoral researcher in Economic History at the University of Geneva. My thesis contributes to the literature documenting the social and economic repercussions of climate on human societies. More specifically, I have been investigating the effects of weather variability and weather shocks on intergroup and interpersonal conflict in Early modern Europe. This line of research answers questions relative to climate adaptability, social responses to economic shocks, and long-run impacts on economic development.

Besides, I also worked on a project focusing on upward social mobility among French colonial officers. Together with Scott Viallet-Thévenin, we have built a database gathering biographic information on every colonial governor between 1830 and 1962. Using prosopographical approach and event-history methods, we show how different colonial governors were compared to other French administrative elites.

I also recently started a project with Paul Maneuvrier-Hervieu on wages and living standards in Normandy from the end of the Middle Ages to the 18th century. Together, we have built a new database on wages and prices to contribute to the debate on the Little Divergence within Europe by documenting the French case. We are also assembling a new dataset on births, mariages and burials for a demographic study.

More generally, I am a data enthusiast who love mining data to discover insights that may change the way people see a specific problem, and understand history. I am also a long-distance runner who enjoys to test myself in the beautiful mountains surrounding Geneva.

Research interest

  • Political Economy
  • Long-run Development

  • Historical Climatology
  • Colonial History

  • Economic History of Northeast Asia
  • European Economic History


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