Recent Communications

November, 2011

Dear Friends of the Cedarville Cemetery,

       We need your help. For many years, our cemetery has struggled with basic maintenance and landscaping issues and we are on a mission to change that. However, we cannot do it alone.  We are now organized and ready to seek commitments of either "helping hands" or monetary donations.  It goes without saying that it will take a lot of hard work and money if we are to improve our grounds.  We are in the process of applying for grants; however we know how competitive such applications are, and we cannot depend on them as a funding source.

       We must get started and the time is now.  We have been working with experienced professionals who have volunteered to help us develop a multi-phase improvement plan.  The first phase will be to replace and upgrade the water infrastructure.  Before proceeding with other goals, we feel we must have a sound water system in place.

       Then there is the puncturevine problem.  It proliferates in areas without grass or some sort of personal family attention.  Through research, we have found that this weed does not like its roots crowded and thus will not spread where there is grass or other measures taken to impede it.  We are committed to attacking this problem.  We need local families to help with their personal plots, but there are also acres of common ground that must be addressed.

       We are also in the process of building a website, updating the cemetery's current policies, and indexing all known headstones.  Enclosed is a survey we would like you to complete and return to us.  It will help with our efforts to gather information on families buried in Cedarville.  This survey can be filled out on the form included here or through the pdf option on our website at and returned electronically.

       An old adage states, "The hardest part of any project is to just get started."  Please join us today to continue the progress we've made by pledging your time or money. Please make donations out to the Cedarville Cemetery Improvement Fund and return them to P.O. Box 622, Cedarville, CA, 96104. If you would like an official receipt for tax purposes, please note that on the survey form.

       We will be forever grateful, as will your ancestral family.

Thank you,

The Cedarville Cemetery Improvement Committee