Testimonial for Genesis Doula

"Miriam was my doula, and did an outstanding job! I had a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section), and give credit to Miriam (and Leilani), Erin (the teacher for our Bradley Method birth classes), and my amazing husband for making my dream of a VBAC possible! My husband and my doulas did all the work managing me during labor (when to rest or walk, what different positions to try, help with heat/cold packs, help staying hydrated), which kept the hospital staff from “needing” to get involved, or otherwise “managing” my labor.  My labor was only 18 hours this time, I didn’t need any pain medication, and I had almost no medical interventions (except continuous electronic fetal monitoring as required for VBAC)!  Contrast that with my first labor (no doulas, and no Bradley birth classes) which lasted 5 days, had just about every intervention (including pitocin and epidural) and ultimately ended in a c-section for “failure to progress”.

For our second child, I did not want another c-section, so I contacted DONA (Doulas Of North America) to find a doula and was referred to Miriam (and she then referred me to the Bradley Method birth classes).  I was actually lucky enough to have both Miriam and her backup doula Leilani with me during labor!  Among a million positive experiences- having a doula freed my husband to catch our baby boy when he was born, while Miriam stayed right at my head coaching me through the last pushes and Leilani kept written records of my labor progress and took wonderful photos as well!  Miriam was my cheerleader whenever I got discouraged during pregnancy and labor, she helped give me the strength I needed to put up with my "fear-inducing" OB, and she helped me stay focused and push out my baby who was over 9lbs!  When my husband needed a brief rest, Leilani was the one who stayed with me during labor.  And whenever I had a medical question, I could always rely on Leilani’s vast knowledge to reassure me either “yes, this is normal”, or when I thought I did need to talk to the medical staff she agreed and could explain to me why my decision to seek medical advice was good. 

Taking the Bradley Method birth classes from Erin convinced my husband and I that we really did want a natural birth with as few interventions as possible (to increase my chances of a successful VBAC), and having Miriam there during pregnancy and especially labor made it possible for me to *stay committed* to my goal of a natural vaginal birth!  My husband agrees, we couldn't have done it without both Erin's Bradley classes, and Miriam's outstanding support! Erin's Bradley classes give you the knowledge and information you need to prepare, and Miriam gives you the emotional and spiritual support and reassurance to have a successful birth!  Since Miriam took the Bradley birth classes, too, she and my husband and I were all on the same page.  We got so much more than we expected by having Miriam and Leilani as our doulas!  Not only did I achieve my original goal of a natural vaginal birth, I also found myself on a deeply spiritual venture! We feel so lucky to have made such wonderful friends during this amazing journey! This is a very supportive and encouraging birth COMMUNITY!"


"Miriam was very supportive, worked hard with client through pain for a very long time."

*Covenant RN

"Patient seemed very comfortable and open to suggestions. Very calming. Great support. Miriam was very knowledgable. Miriam took a lot of stress off of me as the nurse during patients natural childbirth. Miriam works very well in stressful situations. Thank you for ALL your help!"

*Allen OB Nurse

"Miriam did great during my patients natural childbirth, would enjoy working with her again."

*Covenant OB Doctor

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