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Freedom and Democracy in Lebanon-WCCR Docs


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Welcome to the Cedar's Revolution Website

The Cedar's Revolution stands for Horriyeh, Siyadeh, Istiqlal (Freedom, Sovereignty, Independence), and Haqiqa, Horriyeh, Wahdeh wataniyeh (Truth, Freedom, National unity) for all Lebanese, not based on race, color, creed, religion, national heritage, sex, age, or disability - Truely A Lebanon for ALL LEBANESE.

Welcome to the Cedar's Revolution Website


WCCR Documents


Aug 6, 2006 - Download the pdf's below


1. Draft of UNSC Resolution (English)

2. Draft of UNSC Resolution (Arabic)

3. Note on UNSCR - By Dr. Walid Phares

4. Dr. Walid Phares on Hijacking Lebanon's Answer to the UN

This site will not rest till Lebanon see's Horriyeh, Siyadeh, Istiqlal (Freedom, Sovereignty, Independence)