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Rates and Charters 

Six(6) Hour Nearshore Bottom Fishing or Trolling Charter(5am-11am or 12n-6pm)

This charter will target the bottom dwellers, Kingfish, and Barracuda, with an occasional Dolphin.

The rate is $900.00 for one to six anglers.

Nine(9) Hour Bottom Fishing or Trolling Charter (5am-2pm)

This charter will target the same as the Gulf Stream charter with the exception of the Billfish, and the addition of the bottom fish.

The rate is $1,275.00 for one to six anglers

Twelve (12) Hour Gulf Stream Trolling Charter (5am-5pm)

This charter will be exclusively for Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, and Billfish.

The rate is $1400.00 for one to six anglers


Charter Details/What to Bring

Charter Details:  
1.We provide bait, ice, tackle, fishing licenses, and fishing rods.   
2.You will need to bring your own food & drinks; sun screen & hats, sunglasses, & other sun protection; and a cooler for your fish (please leave in your car).  
3. You can bring your own tackle, rods and reels. 
4. Please no black soled shoes.

5. You may bring beer, but hard liquor is prohibited


The Weather  
All Charters are weather permitting. We want to make the charter just as much as our customers; therefore, we are continually watching the weather reports to ensure your safety. Fishing in the Atlantic Ocean or the Harbor can be extremely rewarding, but the weather must be monitored. You can relax with us. We are taking all of the necessary steps to ensure safe and rewarding charters.  


      Our Policies    
*All cancellations due to weather will be fully refunded.  
*If the weather forecast is wrong causing us to turn around on the way to the offshore fishing grounds, the charter will be fully refunded. 
*If the weather prevents an offshore charter, rescheduling is not a problem. 
*All charters are non-refundable due to sea sickness.