Cedaroak Park Primary

Volunteer Opportunities 2015-2016

The Cedaroak PTA needs team leaders to help make our events in the 2015-2016 school year run smoothly.  Do you have some time you can spare to help the Cedaroak Community?

Treasurer Elect

Job:  To be the assistant treasurer and learn the ropes so that you will be ready to be the treasurer during the 2016-2017 school year.  You don’t need to be a CPA.  You just need some organizational skills and a willingness to learn.  A lot of good systems are already in place to make the job a relatively easy one. 


·       Help with money handling once a week (about 30 minutes) throughout the school year.  Some periods are a little busier and then            some weeks there is nothing to do. 

·       Help with money handling at PTA events such as Bingo Night, Family Fun Night, and Auction 2017 in the spring. 

·       Learn the ropes of the accounting systems and reporting. 

·       Intention to be the Treasurer for the 2016-2017 school year


Event Based Volunteer Opportunities

   Picture Day  - We need your help for Picture day - Friday, September 25th. Retakes will be done Friday, October 30, 2015.

   Fun Run/Walkathon -  We could use your help before and after this main fall fundraising event to make it a big success for the school and PTA.

   Vision Screening – (date to be determined).  Help the school nurse by helping to test all grades required by the state to have vision screening.

   Bingo Night - Fun for entire family. Kids wear costumes. Asking for 1 hour shifts for: number callers, food and drink service, card sellers, volunteer scheduler to work with chair, hall monitors/chaperones. 

   Bingo Night Team Leader – We are looking for someone who can plan the event and help schedule the all the volunteers for the event.  Katy Lesser who has managed the last four bingo nights is happy to help, but does not want to be the lead this year. 

   Book Fair  - 2 hour shifts over five day period.

   Dine-out for Cedaroak Coordinator – We need one or two people to coordinate the scheduling and in school advertisement of dine-out fundraising nights at local restaurants such as Linn City Pub, Burgerville and others. 

   Super Science Saturday – Cedaroak Park PTA will be hosting an OMSI Super Science Saturday on October 5. We need adult in each room during the class and to help the class move to the next class and monitors during the lunch hour.

   Holiday Craft Fair  - An opportunity for your child to experience the satisfaction of making five or more crafts (with supervision) they can proudly give as gifts if they choose.

   Holiday Craft Fair Team Leader – The PTA is looking for someone who would like to plan and manage this event. 

   Talent Show - Committee Chair for this event is needed. (Friday, April 29th) Everyone’s a star at this annual tradition. We could use your help with… Program design and printing and more.

   Fun Night - Fun for the entire family. This carnival of fun is asking for help to…Co-Chair this event, Set up or clean up, Bring Food and Drink for High School Volunteer.

   Field Day - Cedaroak’s annual end-of-year celebration of fun with athletic and sporting events of basketball, bowling, relay obstacle course, disc golf, parachute toss and volleyball. This fun, fun day needs: Volunteer coordinator, Planning committee member, Activity leaders


Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

   Art Literacy - Learn and share information about 3-4 featured artists and their medium of expression. The evening training sessions prepare you for the classroom presentations - no artistic training, talent or abilities required!  (Four 1-hour evening mtgs; Four 1.5 hour classroom presentations). 

   CEUM Sister School - Would you like to be more involved with our sister school? We are looking for parents, grandparents, etc who would like to help us build the relationship between our Cedaroak kids and the children at CEUM. There are various ways to help including: communications with CEUM (translating), communications within our school, providing supplies to CEUM, fundraising, helping with the Spaghetti Dinner, leading afterschool enrichment classes and many others.

   Community Groups - Help lead or be a substitute leader for our monthly community group lessons.

   Company Match - If you company is one of those supportive of volunteer efforts in the schools, please let us know. The school will be happy to receive their support! Does your company match your donations of time to charity? If so please talk to use about how we can leverage your donations to the school

   Directory - Would you like to help edit and pass out the school directory?

   Enrichment Classes - Do you have a skill or hobby you would like to pass on to students and earn some money? Introduce physical, intellectual, artistic and creative skills to the next generation.

   Event Photographer - Take pictures to help our students remember special events and daily happenings at Cedaroak.

   Family Hiking Club – On the 2nd Saturday of each month we plan to have a family friendly hiking trip. We are looking for people to lead these informal hikes in and around West Linn. Do you have a favorite local hike that you want to share with families at Cedaroak?

   Front Office Helper - The front office staff and teachers wneed help making copies, stapling packets, sorting mail.

   Grant Writing Committee - Support teachers and the PTA tap the world of grants to help pay for some of the larger ticket items like the garden, and technology for the classroom. We are looking for parents to help support teachers one on one in grant research and applications. Can be done from home in non-school hours.

   Garden Literacy – based on the model of the Art Literacy program.  We are looking for parents who want to do a couple of garden lessons during the year with their child’s classroom.  Lessons will be developed for you and you will receive training.  Your job will be to bring the lesson with the support of other parents to your child’s classroom.   

    Green Team - Sustainability - 2nd Monday of the month at 6:15pm. Come talk about sustainability issues. Join the committee working to make Cedaroak a "greener school". We work on issues such as school-wide recycling and waste reduction, family learning about energy conservation and alternate energy sources and other sustainability issues. We also lead several enrichment classes during the year.

    Hospitality/Staff Appreciation - on call for refreshments for Teacher and Staff Appreciation, various potlucks, special events and cookies for the annual Cookie Exchange for Teachers and Staff.

   Learning Mentors - Build a relationship with a child. Your ½ hour commitment per week to work with the same child for the entire school year makes a HUGE difference to the child’s success at school. Training is provided.

   Library/Technology Volunteers - Shelve, laminate, repair books as needed, or help in the growing Media and Technology Center with any computer experience very welcome to the students!  Now that Cedaroak will only have a ½ time librarian, the library will need more support than ever. 

   Parents Who Work – Projects That Can be Done at Home - Contacted on an as needed basis to see if current need fits into your schedule. Also work on “at home” projects for the school. Deeply appreciated by teachers and PTA.

   Program Committee - The PTA is reorganizing our monthly meetings to have 2-4 programs per year with just a BRIEF business meeting followed by a chance for parents to find out about and discuss issues around education and child rearing.  Help shape those conversations. 

   Recess Coaches - Additional adults are wanted to help coach and supervise activities at recess.

   Service Learning - We are looking for a team of people who want to do some research into service learning projects that different grades/classes might want to take on.

   Volunteer Coordination and Appreciation - Can you help do data occasional data entry and help coordinate acknowledging the hard work our volunteers do?

   Yearbook - Come join the fun to help reflect the year in pictures.