We offer a varied and flexible rolling programme of activities which we are pleased to tailor for you; our experienced and knowledgeable staff - 2 drivers and 2 guides as well as our house staff - are all involved in giving you a real insight into their culture, wildlife and the natural and built environment. Informative visits are available to a variety of places - many of which are not often frequented by tourists- in the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas mountains, the Atlantic coast, the Souss Valley and around the town.  Our expertise is extensive - we tailor trips for groups including those with an interest in anthropology, all areas of wildlife, food, local crafts, culture, geography, geology, dancing and much more..
At the Guest House

Cookery lessons -popular because the food is so good-with option to acquire a cookery book and donate to our projects
Music and Dancing with an acclaimed local Berber women's band
Language lessons in Berber or Arabic
Henna tatto
es on the hands or feet
Massage with local, highly therapeutic argan oil.. We also tailor a Revitalise and Relax break during which we nourish you with a variety of approaches chosen by you including specially prepared diets with the option of fresh vegetable and fruit juices and lots of salads, exfoliation and detoxing (using rhassoul mud) at the hammam, massage with therapeutic local argan oil, pedicure, manicure, exercise (walk, cycle, swim), sun baths..........
Feast for the Senses: a wonderful celebration of your experiences in Morocco (minimum group size 8). Best that we keep the details a secret, so as not to spoil your enjoyment.

Visits to the Mountains
Berber Villages of the High Atlas Mount
Gain an insight into Berber households and cottage industry in the High Atlas mountains in an area not normally visited by foreigners with options to support community projects and to take mint tea and a tasty tagine in a Berber home..

Tiout Oasis and the Anti Atlas  provides an insight into subsistence farming and wildlife in the arid landscapes of valleys, oases and the mountains bordering the Sahara as well as visiting an old kasbah, the bee project we are involved with and a women's cooperative..
Jbel Sirwa and Talaouine
the Saffron Capital of Morocco From mid Oct. to mid Nov. each year the harvest of saffron takes place in the beautiful Jbel Sirwa in the Anti Atlas Mountains. Visit possible at other times.

Treks A variety of treks are on offer, each tailored in length and level you require:
Tiz n Test Pass A drive via orange groves of the Souss Valley to the top of this spectacular mountain pass (2011 m), widely held to be the finest in Morocco, then a half day trek..
Anti Atlas "Paradise Valley" a beautiful palm filled gorge, a haven for wildlife, in a remote part of the Anti Atlas Mountains accessed by a dead end roads.  
High Atlas: Imoulass, Afensou, Mentaga and Irguiten valleys  A variety of options in this little visited and verdant part of the High Atlas. The walks include panoramic views of the peaks, walks through oasis gardens, a gorge and beautiful traditional villages.

Around the town
Paradise Gardens of Morocco: an intro
duction to history, mythology, principles of garden design and the plants that thrive in Taroudant.
Shopping in the Souk: Guidance on where to buy, how to bargain and how to spot the best quality local produce.
The Herbalist’s Stall: learn to identify, use and recognise good quality spices for use in cookery as well as an unusual selection of natur al rem
edies and cosmetics.
Hammam  The local "Turkish" baths, using rhassoul mud, henna and soft soap to improve your skin and hair.
Moroccan architecture and materials: an introduction to the beautiful form and function of Moroccan buildings.
Caleche Tr
ip: A guided ride in a horse drawn carriage to see the town, its walls and tanneries.
Craft Activities: Learn local crafts, e.g. leather work (such as sandals), jewellery, carve d stone, henna tattoos and bamboo crafts.
Visits to Community Projects: we support a range of worthy projects and orga nizations which visitors enjoy learning about and supporting. For more information

Visits to the Coast
Massa Lagoon: one of the most renowned sites for birdlife in Morocco, with Said, our experienced and very knowledgeable bird watching guide.. Visit a the remote beach at its end.
Atlantic Coast near Agadir and the Souss Estuary a flexible itinerary starting about 7 kms S of Agadir- an area with beaches, dunes, the estuary
on the edge of the National Park (renowned for bird watching) with options to ride camels or Arab horses, visit a craft village.. andthe main resort for children’s amusements, the marina, the port and the kasbah viewpoint. 
Tamri and the Atlantic Coast North of Agadir wild beaches, cliffs and dunes of the Atlantic coast N of Agadir, including opportunities to see the endangered bald ibis at Tamri or near the lighthouse of Cap Rhir.