FLCCBD annually recognizes a student who has demonstrated determination and achievement. D’Qjuwan Collins entered Bayside High School on February 16, 2016 during his 10th grade year, and at that time seemed to turn a corner academically and behaviorally. Prior to that year, he earned his fair share of referrals , but now he was responsible and mature. He  made friends with Bayside students and was polite and respectful to teachers and other adults. His grades were now acceptable, his attendance was good, and his behavior … excellent! Throughout his time at Bayside, things just improved for D’Qjuwan. He became a favorite among the faculty, a student assistant in the art room, and demonstrated excellent leadership skills as a Student Assistant at the front desk. D’Qjuwan is known by everyone at Bayside for his kindness, his agreeable nature, and his good heart. He graduated from high school May 24. Everyone at Bayside will miss him, but they wish him nothing but the best in his bright future!! Congratulations, D’Qjuwan! Well done.



Florida Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders is proud to announce Dr. LaSonya L. Moore is their 2017 Eleanor Guetzloe Outstanding Service Award Winner. Dr. Moore is an Assistant Professor of Special Education in the College of Education at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg.  She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of South Florida and her doctorate from the University of Central Florida in Urban Special Education and Leadership. Her dedication to teachers, students and families go far beyond the classroom and the community. Dr. Moore has (15plus years) of experience as Principal Designee, Assistant Principal, and Behavior Specialist and as a secondary Exceptional Educator. She has worked with school districts and principals of k-12 schools to maximize the teaching and learning experience for all students, with an emphasis on students that have been identified as Emotionally and Behaviorally Disturbed (EBD). Dr. Moore’s dedication to the challenges of the urban student populations consist of ongoing organizational, teacher, administrative, community and more importantly one-on-one and group student supports for exceptional students. Dr. Moore is a co-founder of the National Urban Special Education Leadership Network (NUSELNET), a national network of progressive educational leaders in the field of Special Education and Leadership, dedicated to social justice issues for our most needy populations. Dr. Moore’s professional interests are focused on Urban Special Education, developing administrators who work with and are dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of individual with exceptionalities (specifically EBD), while improving opportunities for all students including those who teach, lead and work side-by side our most needy students every day.


Dr. Moore is committed to social justice issues and has devoted her life to serving on platforms that support diversity and inclusion. She serves on the Florida Council for Exceptional Children Board (FCEC) and is an active member in her CEC Suncoast Chapter 176, the nominating chapter for her FLCCBD award. 


She has served as an active external member for the Hispanic Outreach Intercultural Advocacy Institute. Dr. Moore has met with the UN Department of Public Information Outreach Division, Girl Rising, and UN Women to discuss international educational change policies. She is a member of the World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW), Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), American Association of University Women (AAUW), & Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). As of May 2017, Dr. Moore was selected as the Florida CASE (Council of Administrators of Special Education) Outstanding ESE Administrator of the Year.  Her experiences as an ESE instructional leader and administrator continues to allow her to initiate extracurricular mentoring, tutoring programs, create and implement school-wide classroom management processes, behavior management programs and increase the effectiveness of organizational processes that are directly related to EBD students, ESE teachers, and administrators (in need of ESE/EBD support) to cultivate and environment that meets and/or exceeds the needs of students identified at Emotionally and Behaviorally Disturbed.

As an Urban Leadership in Special Educational (NUSELI) scholar, she prides herself in her desire and ability to change education for students identified as EBD on a national and international level by empowering diverse voices to resonate amongst the masses.

Florida Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) Names Award Winners

2017 Florida CASE Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. H. William "Bill" Heller

2017 Florida CASE Outstanding ESE Administrator of the Year
Dr. LaSonya Moore

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