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2017-2018 Florida CEC Nancy Givens Instructional Grant


The Florida Council for Exceptional Children is continuing its Instructional Grant Awards for exceptional teachers who are CEC members. Teachers may be in any type school—vocational, secondary, elementary, preschool, special center, private, or hospital—but must be serving exceptional children. Grants are to be used to initiate innovative projects to supplement the classroom curriculum. Priority will be given to the most creative and original ideas and those that involve the most student participation. Each mini grant award will be in an amount up to $500.  

Deadline for receipt of application is December 20th, 2017.   

Award letters will be mailed in February 2018.

Click here for the APPLICATION OR scroll to the bottom of this page to download the application as a Word document.

The Grant Review Committee, chaired by the FCEC Awards Chair and comprised of CEC members, will review applications anonymously.  Projects will not be funded to solely acquire particular kits, software or textbooks.  Applications received after December 20th will not be considered.

A Special Educator Today

Nominate a special educator, student, administrator, colleague, or fabulous 

child advocate to be recognized.  

Due to Hurricane Irma, our Annual FCEC Conference was cancelled in October.  

***Award Winners will be recognized in June at our Annual Leadership Conference this school year.  

2017-2018 Award Deadlines

TOY & Rookie TOY: September 15, 2017

Prestigious Stetler Memorial Award: September 15, 2017

President's Award: September 30, 2017 

Award winners will be announced during the 

FCEC 2017 Annual State Conference

Download the nomination forms provided at the bottom of this page

 Click here for the President's Award application


Florida CEC Annual Awards

Dr. Jack R. Lamb Rookie Teacher of the Year Award recognizes exemplary teachers with no more than 3 years teaching experience in exceptional education.

Marjorie Crick Teacher of the Year Award recognizes exemplary teachers/provider of direct services to students with exceptionalities with 5 or more years of experience.

Prestigious Landis M. Stetler Memorial Award is our most prestigious award, designated for individuals who have provided leadership to the organization at the local, state, or national/international levels over an extensive period of time. The nominee’s achievements and contributions have resulted in recognition of the Council’s commitment, leadership, and dedication to services for children and youth with exceptionalities, AND/OR have made continued and sustained contributions over their lifetime to the education of children and youth with exceptionalities.

Florida CEC President's Award is presented annually to recognize CEC units in the state for actions that support the mission and goals of the Council For Exceptional Children. The award will be granted to ALL Unit/Chapter Leaders/Presidents who earned at least 80% of the points in the checklist provided in the link.



2016-2017 Landis M. Stetler Award Winner

Carol Dinsdale

2016-2017 FCEC Marjorie Crick Teacher of the Year

Sara Klug


2016 - 2017 FCEC Dr. Jack R. Lamb Rookie Teacher of the Year

Samantha Hernandez


Marjorie Crick Teacher of the Year Award Recipients

2016-17       Sara Klug

2015-16       Bernardina Fernandez

2014-15       Mary Canning, #176

2013-14       Helen Pastore, #296

2012-13       Jody Clement, #176

2011-12       Jana Hill, #176

2010-11       Hannah Ehrli, #155

1009-10       Donald DeVito, #1094

2008-09       Mary Ellen Byrne, #296

2007-08       Gayle Zavala, #200

2006-07       Robert Sinibaldi, #176

2005-06       Evelyn P. Ubiera, #121

2004-05       Diane Weherly, #243

2003-04       Carol Dinsdale, #176

2002-03       Susan Hentz, #296

2001-02       Deborah Wichmanowski, #944

2000-01       Karen Voytecki, #176

1999-00       Brian Rauh, #296

1998-99       Mamie Evans, #176

1997-98       Terry Parker, #243

1996-97       Kim Carlisle, #194

1995-96       Ann Marie Armstrong, #194

1994-95       Brenda Robbins, #311

1993-94       Matty Rodriguez-Walling, #121

1992-93       Barbra Gardner, #176

1991-92       Laura Prenzel, #194

1990-91       Penny Hirsch, #155

1989-90       Martha Fletcher, #311

1988-89       Nancy Sardinas-Lambert, #194

1987-88       Beth Langley, #176

1986-87       Jan Schorr, #260

1985-86       Barbara Bock, #121

1984-85       Peggy Ware, #75

1983-84       Patty Mastin, #1024

1982-83       Irma Sheard, #311

1981-82       Judith Moody, #176

1980-81       Judy Logan, # 176

Landis M. Stetler Award Recipients

* This portion of the page is currently under revision.

Jack R. Lamb Rookie Teacher of the Year Award Recipients

2016-17   Samantha Hernandez, #

2015-16    MaryAnn Autrey, #563

2014-15    *

2013-14    *

2012-13    Tara Chaisson, #176

2011-12    Brian Singler, #176

2010-11    Danielle Hinckley, #176

2009-10    Alana Medlin, #176

2008-09    Diana Moran-Lare, #176

2007-08    Rafael Mendiola, #121

2006-07    Midred Boveda, #121

2005-06    Jennifer Dorn, #176

2004-05    Carolynne Spaulding, #303

2003-04    Janessa Duttry, #176
2002-03    Meredith Taylor, #1024

2001-02    Melinda Forehand, #260

2000-01    William Simms, #1024

1999-00    No Winner

1998-99    Jessica Jelks, #296

1997-98    Angela Owens, #176

1996-97    Garth Peral, #176

1995-96    Sally Mancheno, #296

1994-95    Melanid Green, #121

1993-94    Rhonda Roddam, #243

1992-93    Lawson Horak, #311

1991-92    Deanna DeCario, #121 

1990-91    Lyman Zabel


* Please contact if you have information regarding the winners from 2013-14 or 2014-15.

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