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COVID-19 Related School Closures:

Resources for Distance Learning

As many schools and districts across Florida cancel classes beyond spring breaks to lessen the spread of COVID-19, Florida PBS stations are banding together to support at-home learning for students by delivering a new weekday television schedule of educational programs.

These programs are aligned to state standards, and are free and accessible from home. Most of the stations across the state will begin broadcasting these programs Monday, March 23rd at 6 a.m.

The Florida Department of Education has also made resources available through CPALMS with the CPALMS Standards Viewer mobile app. Using this free app, you can easily browse or search for specific standards using your mobile phone or tablet device. Important information such as clarifications/examples, related access points, and available resources on CPALMS are included with every benchmark. You can try it today by downloading the free app from: Apple App Store or Google Play.

CPALMS also has over 900 original student tutorials available for students and teachers to use. These tutorials are designed for students to supplement classroom instruction.

CEC is opening its doors to the special education community in need of resources. Nonmembers of CEC can receive a free basic membership from now through May 31 by using the promotional code CECED60

This will give you access to all of our journal articles, member discounts on publications and events, and our online membership community where you can ask questions and receive support from special educators, administrators and support personnel. Click Join As a New Member and select basic membership.

FLORIDA-CCBD Resources Page

The Coronavirus has quickly spread across the world and our country. In response, many schools are transitioning to online teaching as our society practices social distancing. To aid in this transition, Florida CCBD is sharing resources with educators to help ease the transition so our students with disabilities will continue to benefit from education.

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