Ancestry of Andrew Russell, 15th Duke of Bedford

1 Andrew Russell, 15th Duke of Bedford
Andrew Ian Henry Russell was born 30 Mar 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Robin Russell then Marquess of Tavistock, by his wife Henrietta Joan Tiarks.  He was initially called Lord Howland, until his grandfather died and his father inherited the Dukedom.  At that point he was called Marquess Tavistock, but only for a year as his father died of a stroke in 2003.  Andrew then inherited the Dukedom himself.  He has two younger brother, Robin two years younger, and James who wasn't born until 1975.

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2 Robin Russell, 14th Duke of Bedford
Henry Robin Ian Russell was born 21 Jan 1940, the son of John Robert Russell later the 13th Duke of Bedford, by his first wife Clare Gwendolyn Bridgman.  On 1 Sep 1945, when he was five, his mother Clare died from an overdose of sedatives. On 13 Feb 1947, his father remarried Lydia Yarde-Buller, daughter of the 3rd Lord Churston and his wife whose stage name had been "Denise Orme".  His father married thirdly to French-born film producer Nicole (Schneider) Milinaire in Sep 1960.  Although Robin was engaged by this time to Henrietta Tiarks, his father forbid him to marry until he was at least 21 and threatened to make him a ward of the court to enforce that.

While he was between his junior and senior years at Harvard, on 20 Jun 1961 at St Clement Danes, London; Robin married former debutante-of-the-year Henrietta Joan Tiarks, the daughter of merchant banker Henry Frederic Tiarks and his wife Ina Florence Marshman Bell.  Henrietta's dress was designed by Nina Ricci of Paris  Viscount Chelsea, son of Earl Cadogan was best man.  The reception was at Claridge's.  They honeymooned at Round Hill in Montego Bay in the Caribbean where the Tiarks owned a cottage.  Henrietta's mother Ina was alias the former British actress "Joan Barry", not to be confused with the American actress of the same name.

Robin and Henrietta had a son Andrew, born 30 Mar 1962 in Boston, Massachusetts while his father was in his final term at Harvard.  Robin however flunked his final exam in economics, gossip columnists said it was because he was preoccupied with his beautiful new wife, which he denied.  They returned in 1962 to London aboard the Queen Mary.  In 1974, his father decided to move with his third wife, to her native France, and so Robin succeeded him as the manager of summer travel destination, Woburn Abbey's "Wild Animal Kingdom".  In 1977 they hosted an open-air concert by Neil Diamond.  In 1978 it was receiving a million visitors a year.  Robin that year is called a "stockbroker, who still works in London three days a week".  Woburn Abbey, having preserved the species called the Pere Deer, returned several species to their native China in 1985, where the animal had gone extinct in 1900.

In 1988 he suffered a massive stroke which left him unable to speak or walk, but he recovered.  In 1991, Robin was called the "41st richest man in Great Britain" on a list compiled by the Sunday Times magazine that April, his wealth was then listed at 180 million pounds (about $304 million U.S.).  The Woburn Abbey Wild Animal Kingdom at that time is said to have bison, deer, zebra, hippos, tigers, monkeys, elephants, sea lions and parrots.  In 1999, the Tavistocks appeared in a 12-part documentary series on BBC 2 about life at Woburn Abbey.  When his father died in 2002, Robin became the 14th Duke of Bedford, but died a year later from a stroke, his wife Henrietta survived him.  In 2002 he gave up the running of Woburn Abbey to his eldest son Andrew.

3 Henrietta Joan Tiarks
After they were married, they kept a weekend home in Newmarket when she bred racehorses.  However, then the Duke of Bedford decided in 1974 that he was going to emigrate and left Henrietta and Robin in charge of running tourist destination Woburn Abbey.

4 John Robert Russell, 13th Duke of Bedford
born 24 May 1917 London.  In 1955 he became the first stately homeowner to open his family estate Woburn Abbey, to paying visitors. In 1970, on 300 acres of his 13000 acre estate Woburn Abbey, he opened the Woburn Wild Animal Kingdom.  With his third wife, he emigrated to France, leaving Woburn Abbey to the management of his son Robin and Robin's wife Henrietta (Tiarks).

5 Claire Gwendolyn Bridgman

6 Henry Frederic Tiarks
He was a wealthy merchant banker

7 Ina Florence Marshman Bell aka Joan /Barry/ actress

8 Hastings William Sackville Russell, 12th Duke of Bedford

9 Louisa Crommelin Roberta Jowitt Whitwell

10 Ernest John "E J" Bridgman of Hoddesdon, co Hert

11 Alice Roddick of Upshur Hall, Waltham Abbey -1916-

12 Frank Cyril Tiarks

13 Emma Maria Franziska Brodermann

14 Francis Marshman Bell of Melbourne and Sydney

15 Norah Cavanaugh

16 Herbrand Arthur Russell, 11th Duke of Bedford

17 Mary du Caurroy Tribe, "the Flying Duchess" of Bedford

18 Robert Jowitt "R J" Whitwell

19 Louisa Crommelin Brown

20 John Sturgeon "J S" Bridgman of Netley Villa, Knight's Park, Kingston-on-Thames 1869; Gent; of Cheshunt 1889

21 Mary Frances Cross

24 Henry Frederic Tiarks

25 Agnes Morris

26 Edward Mathias Brodermann of Hamburg

32 Francis Russell, 9th Duke of Bedford

36 Edward Whitwell of Fairfield, Kendal

37 Mary Anne Jowitt

38 Colin Brown
He was the Euing Lecturer on Music at Anderson's College in Glasgow 1868-96

39 Margaret Graham

72 Isaac Whitwell of Kendal

73 Hannah Maria Fisher

146 William Fisher of Thorpe Hall, Leeds and of Ulverstone, co Lanc
William Fisher married on 6 Feb 1772 Bradford Quaker Meeting-NC, Bradford, co York (Batch M011041 wj) to Jane Hustler

147 Jane Hustler

William Fisher married on 6 Feb 1772 Bradford Quaker Meeting-NC, Bradford, co York (Batch M011041 wj) to Jane Hustler