Special Olympics Cecil County will cancel practice if schools are closed or after school activities are canceled due to inclement weather.  All cancellations will be posted on our website, if you have any questions regarding practice please call the Special Olympics at 410-398-3890 and the recording will have the latest information.  




"The purpose of Special Olympics is to provide sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympics type sports......" To that end, athletes are encouraged to attend all practices. Attendance at a minimum of 80% of the practices and participation in at least two competitions are required to be eligible for any state competition. Nowhere is this more critical than in team sports where the athletes must learn to operate as a team. Athletes who cannot make this commitment and wish to participate simply for recreational purposes have the option to participate in individual sports or individual skills for those team sports that have them (e.g., basketball, softball and unified volleyball).



It is not the responsibility of the coach, coordinator, or any other SOCC volunteer to transport an athlete to and/or from practices. These volunteers give willingly of their time.  If you can not commit to transporting your athlete (either on your own or by making car pooling arrangements) you will need to reconsider your athlete’s participation in that sport.


Arrival/Pick-up of Athletes:
Our policy has always been that parents/guardians must check in athletes with the coordinator prior to the practice start time.  If the parent/guardian leaves the practice, they must provide a cell phone number to the coordinator.  Parents/guardians must return 15 minutes prior to the scheduled end time to collect any news and handouts from the coordinator and to be ready to pick up their athlete. 
Failure to comply with these requirements shall result in a warning letter or email sent to the parent and/or guardian. If the guardian is employed by a Service Provider, a copy of the letter or email will be sent to their agency as well.
If the situation persists, the athete may be suspended for the remainder of that season/sport.

Housing Policy:  Click here


This policy is effective immediately and will be first applicable at Winter Games if any delegations choose to stay over Sunday night and to the XC Ski Athletes traveling to Pennsylvania for the SOPA winter games. Distribute to all your management team members, coaches, and parents.