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064 - White blocks

The actual words were chosen with care to ensure that every one could be built with the coloured blocks later
      cat/mouse not cat/dog because the d and g needed for dog are on the same green #3 block
      red/green not red/blue because ue is used so infrequently it wasn't selected for a face on any red block

Cecil block No. 13 is for introducing a few words.

Face 1 - just has a large letter e which is there for later on where you may want to change rat to rate. Ignore for now.
Face 2 - a picture of a bird with the word "bird"

Face 3 - a picture of a train with the word "train"

Face 4 - a picture of a truck with the word "truck"
Face 5 - a picture of a cat (with no word)
Face 6 - a stylized picture of the sun (with no word) 

1) Help your child to learn to say e, bird, train, truck, cat, sun when you present a face of this block.

2) Cover the word bird (or the other words) and ask them what it is.

3) Cover the picture so that only the word is visible and ask what it is.

4) Help your child to find the block 16 words which match the words or pictures on block 13.

Cecil block Nos. 14, 15 and 16 have pairs of related words for recognition as whole words

#14 - on/off, in/out, you/me, tall/short, camp/tent, pea/soup

#15 - drink/tea, hot/cold, mug/cup, spoon/fork, bat/ball, push/pull

#16 - bird/bee, red/green, car/truck, train/track, rain/sun, cat/mouse

Help your child to say the two words on the faces of block #14.

As they gain mastery of one block, change to another - just one at a time. Go back to the earlier one occasionally. Judge when the time is right to offer any face on any of the 4 white blocks.