Cecilia Stern for U.S. Senate
Republican Candidate from Nevada

What is a Senator?

The job of a Senator is to represent the will of the people, the voting public, and to uphold the Constitution of the United States. A Senator works for the people. A Senator provides advice and consent on treaties, confirms Presidential appointments of Ambassadors, Justices, and members of the Cabinet. They act as party leaders, serve on committees, and raise funds for their state.

Money For Nevada
I will make sure Nevada gets all the funds it needs from the Federal government for our state programs and the stimulation of our economy.

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Who Is Cecilia Stern?
No one has ever heard of Cecilia Stern. I am an American woman. I refuse to be labeled as any particular nationality. This should not be confused with heritage. I am proud of my heritage, but it has no place in government policy. I believe that anyone holding office in the United States of America should not be identified with one nationality; it creates segregation and prejudice. They should represent people of all nationalities.

What you will read below are only some of the things that have upset me and many Americans about the government for so many years. Now, through your votes I will have the opportunity to do something about it. I don't believe in talk; I believe in action. This website exists only as an introduction and a small taste of who I am, what I stand for, and how I feel about our country. Only a part of what I'm working on for the State of Nevada is listed here.
If you would like to know more about how I feel about any given subject and what I plan to accomplish, please look for my interviews and appearances at debates or call me directly.

I believe that no American should be asked to give their life for any other country but our own. 

Who Do The Literacy Programs Apply To?
The United States of America has given the privilege to the Latin people to become Americans. Many famous and powerful people are working to implement programs to end illiteracy in this country. Yet who do the literacy programs apply to? They should be programs that do not show prejudice, and should not apply to only the Latin people. The United States government is prejudiced towards only Latino people, keeping them illiterate by not allowing them to learn how to read and write in English in their every day lives. Having products and signs labeled in Spanish does not give them the opportunity to be literate in the English language and to truly become Americans. This is not the American way. It goes against the equal rights of the Latin people. This goes against the office the President, the White House, and all the organizations who are working to help people become literate. Because of greed and money, the corporations are the ones who are going against the government, which is anti-American. I plan to put a stop to the illiteracy of the Latin people in this country by having only one language, the American language. The corporations are going against the United States of America by keeping Spanish speaking people illiterate, and uneducated as to the knowledge of being an American. I plan to put a stop to it by allowing only English signs and labeling. The English language should be THE language of our country. When people come to this country to live, they need to appreciate the opportunities to become Americans and speak our language, and be literate in English.

Because of the economy in Nevada, and because of our current situation, and the job lay-offs, we need to put a freeze on people coming into the state.

Illegal Aliens
Many Americans are dissatisfied and disappointed by the disaster created by illegal aliens taking over our country, and by the fact that the government is doing nothing about it. The excuses being given by the government and politicians, as to why the border crossings can't be stopped, are not good enough. They don't WANT to stop it. It's time for someone to put a stop to all the excuses, and I plan to make it happen. We have too many illegal aliens
in Nevada. Nevada is a small state and we have to support the Americans that live here and protect their jobs by making sure that no one takes those jobs away. I will work with all government officials in Washington and in all other states to stop this problem.

At this time I am not going to make any comments as to the economy. Everybody knows what's happening in the state of Nevada with the problems involving foreclosures, property value depreciation, job lay-offs, and overbuilding, etc. I will discuss this in debates only, where I can fully express my views.

Health Care
I have strong feelings about health care change, but again, it's too important to the lives and health of the people of the United States to try to say in a few paragraphs. Who will really benefit from the health care plans which are currently being proposed? Those plans will have an adverse effect on our lives and our economy in the present and the future. To hear more about what I feel about this, listen to my debates.

They used to say that the American dream was owning your own home, but now the American dream is being able to pay the rent. I plan to work with ALL government officials, so that Nevada will be the first state to bring up the standard of living for its citizens who work for minimum wages. Higher wages will give the people incentives to get jobs and to not rely or depend on the government for assistance, will give them back their dignity, and make them independent and in control of their own lives. We have to separate jobs and the work force from people's personal lives. No job in America should be beneath anyone's dignity. People applying for full-time minimum wage jobs should be able to make a high enough salary which allows them to support themselves. America stands for freedom and Nevada's current minimum wage does not allow the freedom of tranquility that was granted to Americans by the Constitution. Raising the minimum wage will stimulate the economy because it will allow people the funds to support our economy. It will create more jobs, more spending, and allow more funds for better living and take people off government assistance. We need to restructure our government programs to suit the needs of our economy, to eliminate overspending, so that we don't have to close government agencies or have layoffs and salary cuts.

I reiterate, these words are only an introduction and a small taste of who I am, what I stand for, and how I feel about our country. I don't believe in talk, I believe in action.
And I WILL work with ALL government officials for the citizens of Nevada.

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