The Green Party's Mission
The mission of the Green Party is stated as to provide a progressive alternative to the corporate agenda of the Democrats and Republicans, and build support for another way of life worldwide. 

On November 2nd, 2010
     Green Party of New York gained
its return to the ballot

On August 17, 2010, in a ceremony in Albany, NY, the statewide slate turned in over 27,000 signatures to the NYS Board of Elections. The minimum was 15,000. 
As part of my helping to raise the profile of the Green Party of NY in its campaign to get back on the ballot, I was asked and agreed to be its candidate for U.S. Senate (special term) for that year.  I did not seek out this volunteer work.

The url and domain name was acquired for this website in July of 2010 and used as the campaign website for this campaign for U.S. Senate. Apparently, this website got lots of clicks, i.e. lots of eyeballs on it.  In June of 2011, the Green Party of NY stopped paying for the domain name without anyone alerting me to the potential for mischief or worse as a result of such release of the domain name.  Shortly thereafter, a person in Scottsdale, AZ, with a PO Box address in a building there,  bought the domain name, presumably because it had a high amount of clicks, and pasted foreign and unwanted content dealing with colon cleanse and footpads above my words about a ban on hydrofracking, words that I wrote (seen below this statement), along with my biographical information taken from this original campaign website, which biographical information now appears on that rogue website. That rogue website then appeared each time a person clicked on, including from the Green Party of NY website. I did not know that this was happening until I clicked on the link from the Green Party website one day in August of 2011 and noticed the strange change in the website. I alerted a Green Party webperson about the wrong website appearing on clicks. It then dawned on me that someone had taken over the domain name and was using my words and credentials for his/her own purposes without my permission.  I have reported this theft of my words to the webhost for the person in Scottsdale, AZ as well as to the FTC. I later found out that the annual fee for the domain name had increased and that the value of the website now at that url was in the real of $1800.

Cecile Lawrence, Ph.D., J.D.

The words written here are from THE only Cecile Lawrence with a Ph.D. and J.D. who was the 2010 Green Party of NY candidate for U.S. Senate (special term). This Cecile Lawrence has absolutely nothing to do with any website promoting colon cleanse and foot pads.

GREEN PARTY OF NEW YORK STATE calls for a total statewide ban on hydrofracking                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Check out the Updates inside for more photos of recent events and why we love upstate New York.  We refuse to allow it to be torn apart with billions of gallons of water taken out of its glorious waters, poisonous waste spilled on lands, roads, dumped into landfills, diesel powered trucks 24/7 to and from drilling pads, traversing narrow rural roads, compressor station noise and pollution of the atmosphere, land gouged out for gathering lines, pipelines, water transport lines to pads, socio-cultural disruption, and the many, many others negative effects of this toxic process. 

We need to move to renewable sources of energy immediately. The PACE program is one possibility.  NYSERDA needs to play a more active role in helping people of limited income improve residential insulation to the max, as well as with installing solar panels and geothermal heat pumps.  All schools, federal in-state, state and local public buildings should have improvements in insulation start now.  Were any stimulus funds spent on such an initiative? Not to my knowledge.

Below are just a few samples of what we are trying to protect in upstate NEW YORK STATE. 


Sign marking boat launch area to the Susquehanna River in Town of Nichols

Town of Nichols boat launch to a bend in the Susquehanna River

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