2009 Order form 





To players, parents and guardians:


            I am Coach Cece Zangara of the women’s soccer team.  I know soccer season is not until March, but it is time to think about equipment or it will not be here in time.  As for team gear it will be standard for all women teams.

            Girls need BLACK socks to play. These are DIFFERENT SOCKS than we used to have so everyone needs to order them.

There are many optional items that are available to purchase but are NOT necessary to participate on the team.  All girls will be given both a uniform top and shorts so you do not have to buy shorts (but I only have so many of each size, so if you want your own you can purchase them). Varsity shorts are not available for purchase at this time.  Warm ups are new this year due to change in company products. I WANT TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A WARM UP TO PLAY SOCCER. If you have an old warm up that is fine, this is just if you want a new one or if you have never ordered one before. With the cost being so high please talk to me for options to buying a warm up. 

Goal Keepers need to add $50.00 to the cost of their orders to cover the additional goalie fees.  This includes 1 pair of game gloves, 1 pair of practice gloves and a set of glove keepers (a way to help keep gloves longer). If you have questions please see Coach Zangara.

Please make checks payable to Western Dubuque Schools.  All orders and money are due by March 4, 2009 to Coach Zangara or you will not get your equipment on time.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 


Thank you,


Coach Zangara

563-876-3442 ex 330





Name of Player:
















REQUIRED TO PLAY:  Two pair of socks
















ALL Players

Black Socks























Kelme Backpack







Select Full Zip Warm Up Top

sizes:  XXS/XS/S /M /L /XL







Select Striped Warm Up Pant

sizes:  XXS/XS/S /M /L /XL







Women's Team Hoodie w/number

sizes S/ M/ L/ XL







Bobcat Ball Kid t-shirt (summer camp shirt)

sizes S/ M/ L/ XL







Shorts (JV)

Sizes S/M/L/XL







Goalie Fee
















Sweatshirt Designed by Rachel Yoder image cannot be uploaded if you would like to see it please come see coach.