Tales of a Future Past - Excerpt, 2017
Using toy masks and a limited set, Tales is a contemporary fairy tale about species extinction and the lonely, silent world that will ensue from it.

Within a Stone's Throw - Excerpts, 2012

Special Creative Consultant & Editing Advisor: Jill Sands.    Music: Annie Killelea

Cecelia Condit’s three-channel video and photography installation, Within a Stone's Throw, challenges conventional perceptions of reality, scale and nature. With beautiful simplicity, Condit transforms geographically distant images into fluid landscapes, toying with the viewer’s ability to interpret the world. The visual language is both unadorned and mythological, portraying the eternal cycles of existence. Throughout Within a Stone's Throw, Condit acts as sprite interpreter and guide, facilitating deeper connections to the inane fragility and timelessness of our planet.

World - Excerpt from Within a Stone's Throw

First Dream After Mother Died (2010)
Music: Stephen Vogel

A woman is caught in a dreamlike state and moves through a skyless world to face the darkness.