About Us/Roles and Responsibilities

What are Community Education Councils (CEC)?

There are 32 Community Education Councils (CEC) in New York City. Each CEC represents a Community School District that includes public elementary, intermediate, and junior high schools. 

Each CEC has 11 voting members including nine parents of students in public elementary, intermediate and/or junior high schools in the district. The nine elected parent volunteers are selected by each PA/PTA President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary in each community school district 21 school. There are two additional voting members who are appointed by the borough president and must be residents of or own or operate a business in the district. A non-voting high school senior residing in the district and who is an elected student leader will be appointed by the community superintendent. Beginning in the spring of 2005, parent selections and borough president appointments will take place every two years. CEC Members are not DOE Employees. they are volunteers. CEC's appoint an Adminstrative Assistant who is a DOE Employee*.

As Community Education Council members, it is among our responsibilities to support our schools, be informative and most importantly, encourage parents to get involved in their child’s education.


Community Education Councils (CECs) are education policy advisory bodies responsible for reviewing and evaluating schools’ instructional programs, approving zoning lines, and advising the Chancellor. CECs play an essential role in shaping education policies for the New York City public schools. We also serve as a liaison with School Leadership Teams and provide assistance where possible.


District 21 Council members hold meetings in our district schools, on the 3rd Wednesday every month, with the superintendent and public at-large to discuss the current state of the schools in the district.  Our Business meeting (for council matters) is at 6 PM and our Calendar Meeting (Public comments encouraged) is at 7 PM.  Before each meeting, we email an agenda to all Principals, PA/ PTA’s and Parent Coordinators. . We ask that the school send this agenda backpacked home with students as soon as possible.