Teacher Members as Conference Volunteers

ECC MemberTeachers serving as Volunteers  at ECC Local Conferences. 
The following policies were formally re-affirmed and/or adopted by the ECC Board in August 2010:

To ensure that our conferences run smoothly for our students, their parents, our faculty and accompanists, and teacher-registrants, a lot of help is needed -- before the conference and on-site on conference days.     

To avoid conflicts of interest, confusion, hurt feelings, etc., as of August 2010 the policies are standardized as follows:
  • All ECC Board Members are required to serve in some capacity on-site, and in recognition of their year-round service to the committee they pay half of the regular conference fee.    No ECC Board Members get a "free ride," regardless of responsibilities and/or duties.   Even the Conference Principal pays.
  • In addition, other ECC members are always needed to help out throughout the day as well.  However, if everyone who helped in some way received a tuition break we would have very few teachers paying for the conference at all and tuition for our students and our teachers would need to be raised significantly.... which would probably result in a reduction in attendance, etc.    EVERYONE's help is GREATLY needed, and GREATLY appreciated, but at this time no tuition-break "favors" are dispensed.    That said, there are from time to time extreme circumstances, in which case the Conference Principal should be contacted directly,  well ahead of the conference dates, regarding need.