Teacher Conference Payment Requirements

ECC Member Teacher Payment for Local Conferences:  Requirements
Teacher Payment for Attendance of ECC Local Conferences.    The following policies were formally re-affirmed and/or adopted by the ECC Board in August 2010:
  • ECC members at the CCA Permanent Examiner Level and 50-year Members do not pay for the conferences, but are asked to submit registration forms.  
  • ECC Board Members (elected and appointed) pay half-price for conferences and must adhere to all conference registration deadlines.   All ECC Board Members are expected to be on site, working in some capacity, at each conference.  [Clarifying note:  This applies to all ECC Board Members, regardless of duties.]
  • Conference Registration Awards:  Teachers sending 10 students receive 50% off their next conference; teachers sending 20 students receive their next conference free.  Eligible teachers are responsible for contacting the Conference Principal upon registration for the next conference and must adhere to all conference registration deadlines..
  • All other attendees are required to pay the advertised conference rates and adhere to all conference registration deadlines.   No exceptions. [Clarifying note: Volunteering to help in some capacity does not confer a discount rate or tuition waiver.]