Teacher Conference Attendance Requirements

ECC Member Teacher Attendance of Conferences:  Requirements
CCA Requirements.   Regardless of exam level passed, to remain a member in good standing and retain eligibility to present candidates for CCA exams, teachers are required to attend a minimum of one refresher every two years.   Refreshers may include those organized by local committees, or the CCA summer program.   Refreshers offered locally by the ECC:
  • A 1/2-day refresher every September which includes any syllabus updates and an ECC General Meeting for Members
  • Two 2-day intensives (a fall conference and a spring conference).  These include an ECC General Meeting as well as syllabus classes.  Even-numbered Grades are covered in the fall and odd-numbered Grades in the spring.  Teachers are welcome to observe some student classes, but are expected to attend primarily teachers' classes in order to meet the CCA's refresher requirement.
ECC Expectations.    Member teachers are permitted to observe a limited number of student-level classes, but are expected primarily to attend the teacher classes in order to stay current with the CCA syllabus and to meet CCA Refresher requirements for CCA member-in-good-standing status.