Calendar 2016-2017

August 31 - General Membership Meeting and Class (mock teacher exam) for ECC Teachers (at Les Cher)

September 14 - Board Meeting

October 8 & 9 Fall Conference 2016 and General Membership Meeting for ECC Teachers

October 21 - Deadline December Exams (Leslie)

December 9 - 11:  December Exams

January 11 – Board Meeting
January 13 -- Deadline March Exams (Leslie)
February 17 -- Deadline April Exams (Leslie)

March 3 - 5:   March Exams

March 17 -- Deadline Early May Exams (Leslie)

March 18 & 19: Spring Conference 2016 and General Membership Meeting for ECC Teachers

March 31 -- Deadline Late May Exams (Jennifer)

April 7 - 9:   April Exams

May 5  - May 7: Early May Exams (MD)

May 19 - 21:      Late May Exams (VA)

June 7 -- Board Meeting

looking ahead.

  • July 9-22, 2017: CCA Summer School in Holland, MI
  • July 31-August 5, 2017: Cecchettti International Classical Ballet (CICB) gathering in Florence, Italy
  • late August - General Membership Meeting and Class for ECC Teachers

FYI, re: Conference Dates:

Fall Conferences

[Note, FYI: Fall dates are always dependent upon UofMD home football game schedule.  If there is a home game then no special events may be scheduled in the Performing Arts Center. 

Our fall conference dates are usually announced by around the time of the spring conference, which is when the UofMD home football schedule for the coming year is announced.]

Spring Conferences 

[Note, FYI:   Always the 2nd weekend of U of MD spring break, unless those dates fall on Easter in which case we must negotiate other dates....]