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2. Conference Levels / Class Placement

Student Levels

Graded levels of classes are offered for student participants age 8-18.  The levels correspond in difficulty to the current graded CCA Cecchetti syllabus. 

A-Level – Full knowledge of CCA Primary 3 level material through students who have passed CCA Grade 1.    In addition, these students should also have some minimal working knowledge of linking steps such as chasses/glissades/pas de bourrees, be able to coordinate arms and legs, and be ready to try new step combinations with new teachers in a large-group setting.  A-Level is NOT for absolute beginners, nor is it generally appropriate for children under the age of 8 or 9.   Age range of registrants tends to be mostly between 8-10.  The child's teacher is the best source for a decision regarding attendance at any workshop, and for recommendation as to level.  

B-Level -- Full knowledge of CCA Grade 2 through students who have passed CCA Grade 3.   In addition, these students should also be comfortable with attempting simple pirouettes, big jumps (such as grand jetes and possibly grand jetes en tournant) and somewhat longer combinations of steps.  Age range of registrants tends to be mostly between 10-12.  The student's ballet teacher will advise as to the best workshop level for each registrant.  

C-Level -- Full knowledge of CCA Grade 4 through students who have passed CCA Elementary (Grade 5).   Girls at this level should be also working on pointe. Be sure to check with the student's ballet teacher regarding the best workshop placement for him/her.  Age range of registrants tends to be mostly between 11-14, but up to age 17 is also common since not all students achieve the level of finesse required for D-level (see below).

D-Level -- For those students with at least a full knowledge of CCA Intermediate (Grade VI).  They must be capable of professional-level work.  Girls should have very strong pointe work.  Most in Level D have been exposed to or are truly working in Advanced and Diploma material.  Age range of registrants tends to be 15-18.

[Note:  For Scholarship Audition Classes, ages and mastery of syllabus grades differ slightly from the above as of Spring 2014, in order to match CCA Summer Intensive level definitions.  See "Scholarships" pages of this site for details.]

Teacher Registrants -- 

 All individuals who are beyond Grade 12 of High School register as "Teacher."  
  • This applies to College Students, and to students who elect to participate in Grade 13 of High School. 
  • The registration fees paid by Teachers and Students are the same.
  • All Teacher registrants attend classes at the level of their choosing.  
  • Teacher registrants may participate in Student classes as space permits, but must give barre and floor priority to the Student registrants.   Teacher registrants participating in Student classes must participate fully in the manner expected of the Student registrants.