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4. Directions to the Conference Site

University of Maryland/College Park, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center(CSPAC), Dance Department 

Directions.  From the D.C. Beltway, take Route 1 South.  After just a few traffic lights, turn right to go west on Route 193 (University Boulevard).  Then, at the second traffic light, turn left onto Stadium Drive to enter the campus.  YOU'RE THERE!  The new Performing Arts Center is immediately on your right. 

  • Caution -- Do NOT enter the campus via the main entrance off of Route 1; your chance of winding your way around campus and finding the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center which houses the Dance Department is close to nil.... DO enter the campus from Route 193 (University Boulevard), turning onto Stadium Drive as explained above.

Drop-off and Sign-in.  The Performing Arts Center is a huge wandering complex of a building. When you pull into campus (off of Route 193) and see it immediately on your right, the very first entrance (even before the big canopied entrance) is the door to the Dance Department.  Pull into the drop-off lane and have the dancers enter and sign in while you park.

Parking.  As on most campuses, the parking situation can be complicated.  There might be a sports event that weekend, or anything else imaginable.  You most likely do have several options on conference weekend, however.  But whatever you do, keep in mind that the campus strictly enforces its parking policies!

    When you pull onto campus (off of Route 193 with the Performing Arts Center on your right) you'll see a round-about straight ahead of you and another huge building which is actually a parking garage (Stadium Garage).  Stay in the right-hand lane and bear right for either of the parking options below. 

  • You can park in Stadium Garage, which will now be on your left.  This garage is generally open to both those with campus parking permits and paying customers.  On weekends the cost is now $3 for the first hour and $5 for the day.    
  • OR, you can continue past the garage, proceeding forward to Lot 1 which is available on weekends to anyone, no fee.

N.B.  After parking, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE walk around outside to enter via the Dance Department doors (as described above).  Again, the Performing Arts Center is a huge wandering complex of a building; if you enter through any other door, you're on your own!

DRIVING & PARKING INSTRUCTIONS (to print out) are attached below.  Approach the campus from Route 193; turn into campus on Stadium Drive and the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (CSPAC) is immediately on your right.  Enter the building only through the Dance Department doors, which are hidden visually from Stadium Drive by large plantings. (Use the directions provided. Do not plan on using GPS to get you there; none of the campus buildings have street number addresses.)