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3. Registration Policies - No Refunds (etc.)

All registrations are final.   Regardless of an individual's situation, there are 
  • NO refunds
  • NO transfers of registration to other students or teachers (it is not possible to "take someone else's place")
  • NO carry-overs to subsequent conferences
There are no exceptions at any time.    
  • The "no refunds, regardless of reason for absence" policy applies to everyone, teacher-registrants and student-registrants alike.  It applies to registrants who are injured, to registrants who are ill, and to registrants whose families may have experienced an emergency or other unfortunate event.   
  • The East Coast Committee is responsible for meeting contracted expenses (such as faculty and rental) regardless of the number of attendees overall and/or at each level, and each conference must operate within that conference's budget.   
  • It is not possible at any time to "take someone else's place."   
  • The policy is "fair" in that it is "evenhanded."   It eliminates the possibility of favoritism or inequities that might arise as a result of individual judgment calls.   
  • The ECC Board, after considerable discussion on numerous occasions has continually re-affirmed the across-the-board policy of "no refunds, no transfers of registration to other students or teachers, no carry-overs to subsequent conferences."    
  • Registrants who are injured are strongly encouraged to attend as observers.   There is much to be learned from watching!    And from time to time, a minimal level of participation may also be possible.   Teachers and parents, please encourage this approach with your students or children!  In the dance world, as in the sports world, injuries do happen.  And perhaps this may be an opportunity to deal with injury in a productive way.  In any case, best wishes for speedy and excellent healing!