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Teacher Seminars and Student Workshops

ECC/CCA Conferences:  Purpose

The conferences sponsored each fall and each spring by the East Coast Committee of the Cecchetti Council of America offer classes for teachers of ballet and for students of ballet.   CCA nonmembers, and students of nonmembers, are always welcome.

The Teachers' Seminar

The focus of the Cecchetti Teachers' Seminar is to present material that will develop a broader knowledge of dance, thereby raising the quality of the teaching of ballet.  Teachers' classes are taught in a combination seminar and active participation format, and teachers may also observe (and with special permission attend) student classes of their level and interest.    Classes covering the ballet syllabus of the Cecchetti Council of America naturally form the core of the Teachers' Seminar, on a refresher and/or introduction basis. (For full knowledge of the material, for examination and certification purposes, interested teachers must work privately with a coach who is certified in the method by the CCA.)

The Students' Workshop

The Student Workshop is presented in order to increase students' exposure to various teaching styles, to professional ballet faculty, and to other dance forms or fields of study in dance.  To this end, nonsyllabus classes in ballet technique form the core of the Workshop, in addition to a selection from the following:  pointe work and classical variations, modern dance, character dance (theatricalized folk dance as used in Classical ballets), ethnic dance forms, dance history, dance notation, dance therapy, or other related forms/fields/topics.