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The East Coast Committee (ECC) of the Cecchetti Council of America (CCA) is a regional organization of ballet teachers who - qualifying by process of study, examination, and continuing education -- as dues-paying members of the Cecchetti Council of America are duly certified to teach the Cecchetti syllabus and to present students for examinations in that syllabus. 
The East Coast Committee is one of the Cecchetti Council of America's largest committees, with over 100 member teachers.    Most of the ECC/CCA member teachers live and work in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, but our committee extends also into the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  

ECC/CCA member teachers cooperate each season in organizing half a dozen examination sessions and two large conferences, for the purposes of furthering their own education and expanding the horizons of their students.
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