Competition Goal

The competition deadline has been extended to midnight on 31 March 2015, GMT time.

This competition is organized in association with the IEEE CEC 2015 Special Session on Dynamic Multi-objective Optimization. The aim of the competition is to address the lack of a comprehensive comparison of DMOO algorithms by providing a common platform for a fair comparison of DMOO algorithms. The competition enables participants to run their DMOO algorithms on 12 benchmark functions with a range of characteristics and complexity for 8 different environments (8 different change frequency and change severity combinations).

Researchers are welcome to evaluate their DMOO algorithms on the benchmark functions of this competition and to report their results by submitting a paper to the associated special session on dynamic multi-objective optimization. Participants of the competition should follow the process outlined in Competition Process to enter the competition.

It should be noted that by entering the competition you agree that we are allowed to share your data with fellow researchers in the field. Therefore, this competition will provide DMOO researchers with experimental data to compare their algorithms against in future.