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This is the home of the Canadian Experimental and Behavioural Economics Research Group (CEBERG). Since our founding meeting in 2004 at the University of Calgary, CEBERG associates have been meeting to present and discuss scholarly work in the area of Experimental and Behavioural Economics.

We regularly organize sessions and hold our annual meeting during the Canadian Economics Association annual conference. If you are interested in participating, please submit your paper on the annual CEA conference website and indicate in the comments box that you would like to be considered for a CEBERG session. We gratefully acknowledge support received from the Canadian Economics Association which has allowed us to fund CEBERG events.

CEBERG also runs an email listserv through GoogleGroups in order to inform economists interested in Experimental and Behavioural Economics about our annual conference sessions. If you would like your email added to the CEBERG mailing list, please use the interface below. If you have a Google Account you can visit our email group at http://groups.google.com/group/ceberg to subscribe or view past announcements.

Past CEBERG events and organizers and a list of Canadian Experimental and Behaviour Economics laboratories can be found by using the page navigation links on the left.

For more information please contact the current CEBERG organizer at ceberg@googlegroups.com.

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