CeApp Lab
World Under Your Fingertip

CeApp Lab was established in Summer, 2010. It was formed by elites graduated from School of CSE, University of New South Wales (UNSW). Having left the school, we all worked diligently in various fields as programmers in Sydney and Hong Kong. CeApp Lab elites absorbed a diversified range of working experiences and developed their own expertise.

According to our professional exposure and experiences, we found that mobile phones provided them a lot convenience. Everything can now be done via mobile platforms  In addition, many people are holding more than one mobile device. Moreover, we should not call it a phone, for the functionalities of those "devices" have been more than what we should have in a phone. A new IT era has been coming closer and closer to us, which was just like how computers could change the people's life in last few decades. Computers did change and beautify our life and so will the mobile devices.

In these recent few years, as the market of mobile applications was growing in a very fast pace,  this situation motivated CeApp Lab elites to courage up.

Finally, we decided to share my skill and establish applications to serve people, and we found CeApp Lab. We mainly focus on developing applications for Mobile devices, especially  iphone, ipad and so forth. The concepts of our Apps have to fulfill three elements which are simplicity, robustness and user-friendliness. CeApp Lab hoped that our Apps can entertain the users while they are also some useful tools for their daily life at the same time. This can not only provide people more convenience, but also enhance the functionality of what they have already paid (their lovely 'mobile phones'!). In the coming future, CeApp will try its best to accomplish a mission providing heaps of Apps for our users, making them be a significant part of their life. 

The name "CeApp Lab", was originated from many stories happened during the university life. We wish the hope that "CeApp Lab" can grow along with the big vision - CeApp Lab, World Under Your Fingertip and access across platform.


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