CEA PlugFests provides an opportunity for CE product manufacturers to receive one-stop testing service. Not only are they able to test their device's interoperability against other manufacturers' products, but they can have their products evaluated at the same time thus identifying possible issues before products are sent to market.   


Vendors who offer evaluation, interoperability and performance/diagnostic services to CE product manufactures as it relates to HDMI, CEC, MHL and HDCP are encouraged to participate in CEA's PlugFests. Participation requires vendors to offer these services for free and to reserve a testing suite at the venue.


The services should be offered to any of the following device types:

  • Sink / Receiving devices (Vendor visits the CE manufacturer test suite in order to conduct testing)
  • Source / Transmitting devices (CE manufacturer visits the Vendor test suite in order to conduct testing)
  • Repeaters (acting as either a Sink, Source or both)

Vendor Registration is not available at this time. 


Cost to participate:

The cost for vendors to participate in PlugFest17 is $300 per device type test schedule generated for your team(s) + $8.49 reg site fee. Also there is a $250 per person (for each team member) registration fee + $7.24 reg site fee. These fees are set regardless of how long you and your team members plan to attend this event.


Test Schedules generated will be for services being provided to:

  • Sink only devices ($300 for test schedule)
  • Source only devices ($300 for test schedule)
  • Sink and Source devices ($600 because 2 separate test schedules will be generated)
  • Repeaters (test schedule(s) will be incorporated accordingly with one of the above schedules) 
Vendors' Registration:

No outboading and no walk-ins will be allowed. All participants must pre-register online and pay the registration fees.


Participating vendors are required to complete the CEA 861 PlugFest19 Participant Agreement (NDA).

If you plan to have contractors assisting you during the CEA 861 PlugFest19, they are require to submit a Participant Agreement as well.

Deadline for submitting the NDA is August 19, 2013


Vendors offering services to source/transmitting devices must reserve a room at the event venue.  The room will serve as the test services suite.


Vendors offering services to sink/receiving devices should also reserve a "test" suite so that you can showcase your equipment and meet with registered participants.


Vendors' test schedules are based on the participating CE manufacturers selecting the vendors to test with. Vendors are not randomly scheduled to test with participants.


Vendors will be required to provide an outline (Word doc or PDF/Flyer) of the services they will be offering during PlugFest. These services outlines will be provide to all registered attendees so that participants can determine the type of service they would like to receive during PlugFest.  The services will need to be provided within the 1 hour testing time slots allotted for the PlugFest event. Vendors should keep in mind that the CE product manufacturer attendees are also participating in the event in order to test their devices against other CE product manufacturers, so testing time is limited to the 1 hour time slots. Submit your outline of services being offered to PlugFest@CE.org by August 19, 2013.

The Embassy Suites will not accept packages/delivieres for anyone who does not have a reservation at the hotel. See the Shipping Info page for further details, instrucstructions and restrictions.