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System CEC Interoperability Testing

System CEC Interoperability Testing (SCIT) is being offered at no additional charge during the general PlugFest testing hours. 

SCIT testing is the set-up of several devices (a TV, a repeater or audio system, multiple sources and a CEC analyzer) for in-depth testing of CEC functionality versus traditional PlugFest 1 device-to-1 device testing.


Both established and prototype products may benefit from the “real world” experience offered by the collection of devices participating.


SCIT testing is only relevant for devices which support CEC at a fairly functional level.  This means that the device functions as a consumer device, sending and receiving CEC messages in “real-time”. 


Expected behavior includes:

  • (any device): allocate a Logical Address as described in the CEC specification and announce its presence (<Report Physical Address>)
  • (TV): send appropriate commands when selecting a device/input; support One Touch Play feature to wake up and select correct input
  • (source device) can be awakened with CEC messages and send video along with an <Active Source> message; support One Touch Play feature
  • (audio system) use CEC System Audio feature
  • (repeater) use CEC messages defined for CEC Switches

Devices where CEC messaging is supported at a level where the receipt of a CEC message can only be seen in a “debug interface” without the appropriate “real-time” response and/or devices where CEC messages can only be sent manually from a “debug interface”, will not perform well in SCIT testing, since the SCIT testing assumes behavior like a consumer device, e.g. as illustrated in the bullet list above.  If a human operator has to be involved in the CEC transactions, your device may not be ready for SCIT testing.


To make the most of this testing opportunity, it is recommended that an engineer familiar with the CEC behavior of your device be present during SCIT sessions to make these sessions valuable for both your team as well as the other participating teams.


Test Equipment companies (Vendors) are encouraged to register for SCIT testing if you have test equipment that can act as a CEC Analyzer to monitor (but not interfere with) the CEC traffic.


SCIT will be offered within scheduled 1-hour time slots. Scheduling of these sessions within the PlugFest week will be determine based upon participation.


SCIT participants should plan on being available for all SCIT test sessions. Depending on the quantity and types of devices that participate in the SCIT testing, final SCIT test scheduling may result in some teams not being scheduled for all SCIT test sessions.


During the PlugFest18 online registration, companies will have the opportunity to sign-up to participate in the SCIT testing.  Companies electing to participate in SCIT will be contacted for additional information (e.g. on the CEC features supported by your device) to allow for detailed planning and scheduling.


Questions concerning SCIT at PlugFest18 should be directed to PlugFest@CE.org.