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Shipping Information


Important!!!! Please Read This Entire Page!!!!

Only Participants with reservations at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront, may have packages/devices/test equipment shipped to the hotel.

The hotel will not accept items without the recipient having a reservation at the hotel.

No COD packages will be accepted.  All packages sent to the Hotel must be pre-paid by you.

Participants with a reservation at the hotel can ship their packages/devices/test equipment in advance to the hotel, where they will be stored. 

However deliveries/shipments should not arrive to the hotel prior to October 28, 2015.  The hotel will not accept packages/shipments/deliveries prior to October 28.

It is the participants’ responsibility to make arrangements to have their items shipped to and from the event.  Participants must make their own arrangements for return shipments when making arrangements for incoming shipments. All deliveries/shipments to and from the hotel must be pre-paid by the participant.

When making shipping arrangements, please be sure to inform your delivery company that the Embassy Suites does NOT have a loading dock. Request your delivery company to provide Inside Delivery service.

Please be aware that the hotel is not equipped to receive large crates or extremely large deliveries.  You must make arrangements for large crates and pallets to be stored off-site by your shipper/delivery service. Contact your shipper/delivery service for more information.

Please confirm with your delivery company that your items will arrive on October 30, 2015. Please note that some delivery/shipment services do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday.

It is recommended to include the business card of either the Team Leader or one of the Team Members inside of the boxes just in case the recipient info label isn’t legible once the shipment arrives.

The Team Leader and/or a designated Team Member should have all shipping information for their shipment/deliveries on hand – Air Way bill, tracking numbers, billing account code, name and contact details of shipping/delivery company, and details of pick up arrangements.

Ship your items to the following location and include the below attention line (Attn:) details (please substitute red text with requested contact info):

Ship to:
c/o Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront

150 Anza Blvd.

Burlingame, CA 94010

TEL: (650) 342-4600

Attn: Hold for Hotel Guest (Insert the name of the Team Leader or Member with the hotel reservation at the Embassy Suites / Your Company Name / Insert the Hotel Reservation Confirmation Number) / November 1 - November 6 / CEA-861 PlugFest21





You or someone from your test team must have a reservation at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront, otherwise the hotel will not accept your packages.  It is your responsibility to ensure proper arrangements for International shipping. This includes the necessary steps to clear customs. Neither Embassy Suites nor CEA is permitted to serve as the importer of record for your international shipment. The Team Member whose name is on the test suite hotel reservation needs to be at the hotel to accept delivery.


No COD packages will be accepted.  All packages sent to the Hotel must be pre-paid.



Participants with reservations at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront who will have packages/devices/equipment shipped/delivered to the hotel are required to complete the Group Package Delivery Form and fax the completed form to (650) 342-8109 or e-mail it to Kapi.Hart@Hilton.com by October 27, 2015 (before your shipment arrival date).  A Photo ID/Passport is required for pick-up and packages will only be released to authorized individuals listed on the form. Items shipped to the venue will be available for pick-up Sunday November 1. Instructions will be provided on site where to pick-up items.  If you would like to pick-up your packages at any other time, please contact the Hotel Manager on Duty at the Front Desk.

Shipment deadline for the arrival of items: no later than October 30, 2015 (check with your shipper/delivery service to see if they deliver on Saturday or Sunday, if they do not, then you need to make arrangements for your packages to be delivered by Friday October 30, 2015). 



All Participants are responsible for making return shipping arrangements and paying for the arrangements in advance.

All shipments must be picked up from the hotel no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, November 6, 2015.

Please bring your own packing supplies (packing tape, prepared return shipping labels and US and International airway bills), as well as necessary Customs documentation for your preferred shipping carrier. Also, contact your shipper the day before ship-out to confirm pick-up location and time. Again, Embassy Suites does NOT have a loading dock and therefore you must instruct your shipper that you need an 'inside pick-up'. It is the Team's responsibility to contact the shipping carrier, and verify pick-up date and time.

Deadline for test equipment to be removed from the venue/hotel is November 6, 2015.