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Registration Questions

This page only applies to CE product manufacturers and chip developers.  Test Tool Service Provider Vendors (companies that provide test evaluation and diagnostic services to CE devices) and Cable/Dongle Suppliers should visit the Vendors and Suppliers Info page for more information.


TESTING: To participate in CEA-861 PlugFest21, companies must have prototype or production level product(s) available for interoperability testing, and must agree to test their products with product(s) provided by at least one other CEA-861 PlugFest21 Participant.



Data Needed for On-Line Registration:


To help you prepare for the online registration process, please review the below information and prepare your responses in advance.  It is important that you have accurate information about your device before you attempt to register online.   


3 device types have been identified to participate in this event:

  • Sink Devices - receiving devices
  • Source Devices - transmitting devices
  • Repeater Devices - switchers that can act as either a Sink or a Source


For each Test Team that your company plans to bring, you are required to register each team separately, and each team must have its own device(s) and team participants.  Teams are required to participate full time in this event (a minimum of 3 to 4 days of testing with the first testing day starting on Monday).  No part-time sink/source testing and no sharing of devices are allowed.  Each registered team is required to have an independent identified team leader.


1 test team = 1 test schedule 


Your team’s test schedule will be based upon the type of devices you are registering for that team.  A test team can only have products of the same device type (Sink/receiving or Source/transmitting or a Repeater acting as either a Sink or Source), meaning that team will be indicated on the test schedule as either a Sink team or a Source team or a Repeater team acting as either a Sink or Source. 


You can register up to 3 devices per team (do not include as part of your device registration devices that will be used for back-up purposes). All of which must be of the same device type. 


If you are registering 1 test team with multiple devices to be tested (no more than 3 devices per team), please note that the event’s test schedule is set up for 1 hour testing slots (approximately 45 minutes for testing with 15 minutes to change suites/set-up for the next test team).  Thus it may be difficult to test multiple devices within that hour, as well as difficult to test multiple devices against another team that may have more than 1 device.  If you have concerns of not completing testing of your devices during the allotted time, then it is recommended that you register an additional team with different team members for your other device.

If you would like to have several test schedules for several devices then you will need to register separately the appropriate number of teams (each team having different team members) for each test schedule that you would like to receive.


To prepare for the CEA-861 PlugFest21 online registration process you will need the following information: (download this as a document)  


Test Team: Enter Your Company Name.  If your company will have multiple test teams’ registrations, place a unique identifier after the company name. For example:  CEA Europe or CEA Denver.


Test Team Leader: The Team Leader is the person who will be available on site during PlugFest.  This person will receive the test schedule and majority of the correspondence for the Test Team and will be responsible for disseminating it among the Test Team participants.  Please provide the Test Team Leader’s name, e-mail, and US cell phone number (the cell phone number and e-mail comes in handy because at some point during the event it may be necessary to inform the team about changes made to the test schedule on site.  If you don’t have a US cell phone then don’t worry about it).


Number of Test Team Participants: Number of Test Team participants (members).  All team members must be pre-registered via the on-line registration tool.  No walk-ins are allowed.


Test Team Participants: Name and email address of Each Test Team participant.  You can make substitutions directly on the registration site until October 8.  After that deadline, you must contact CEA staff directly to inform of the required substitution.  Contact CEA staff at PlugFest@CE.org and provide the substitution info. 


Number of Devices Being Tested: (maximum of 3 per test team) Indicate the number of devices you will bring for your team to test.  For each device you will be testing you will need to answer the below questions separately for each device.




*Indicates a required response.


Each test team is allowed to bring up to 3 devices and all of the devices that a test team brings must be of the same device type.  If a company wishes to test different device types then the company must register an additional/different test team with their own device.


*Product/Device Type:  Select only one type for this test team –


-Source (transmitting) device


-Sink (receiving) device


Note that Sink devices are stationary thus requiring a testing suite, Source devices are roaming.


Product/Device Being Tested is a Repeater:  Select Yes or No


A Repeater is defined as a device with one or more HDMI inputs, one or more HDMI outputs, and a retransmission function.


Repeaters are required to bring either a source or a sink (depending on which device type you plan to test your device against), and will be scheduled for testing on that basis as a source team or a sink team (for example if you have a Repeater that you want to test as a sink then you will need to bring a sink device to use during testing so that you can test against a source device).


*Product/Device Name:  Enter Product Name


*Product/Device Description: Product description, for example: STB, DVR, DTV, AVR, PMP, etc.


*Indicate Product/Device Software & Hardware Maturity:  Prototype, Near Production, In-Production, No Answer


Definitions for products maturity levels:


Prototype - Typically these devices are products that are early in the development cycle, either in breadboard form, at a maturity level of ES (engineering sample)/EVT (engineering validation test),  or early in the phase of, but not yet having completed DR (design release)/ DVT (design validation test).


Near-Production - Typically these devices are at a maturity level whereby DR (design release)/ DVT (design validation test) is complete, or are in the PR (production release)/PVT (production validation test) phase of the product life-cycle.


In-Production - Products are being sold or are in the shipment pipeline to the sales channel, in their final packaging, and thus the products being tested will actually appear in the field, or are already being sold in their current form.


*Video Timings Supported by Product/Device: Select all that apply: 50Hz, 60Hz, SDTV, EDTV, 1080i/720p (50Hz, 60Hz), 1080p (50Hz, 60Hz), 1080p (24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz), 1080p (100Hz, 120Hz), 720p (24Hz, 25Hz, 30Hz), 720p (100Hz, 120Hz), 2160p (24, 25, 30 Hz), 2160p (50, 60 Hz 4:2:0), 2160p (50, 60 Hz 4:2:2, 4:4:4), 4K (4096x2160p), 2X/4X (extended audio support), 21:9 (64:27, anamorphic), 21:9 (64:27, native, 2560x1080p, 1680x720p), Not Applicable, or provide other VIC not listed


*Does product/device support Deep Color: Select Yes or No


*What maximum TMDS Clock Rate is supported: Select one: 150MHz, 225MHz, 300MHz, 600MHz, Not Applicable, or provide another rate not listed


*Physical and Electrical connection: Select all that apply:  DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, MHL, HDBT, or Not Applicable


*HDMI Connector Type: Select all that apply:  HDMI A, HDMI C, HDMI D, HDMI E, or Not Applicable


*Device Features: Select all that apply:

HDR (High Dynamic Range), CEC, Extended Color Gamut (x.v.Color™), SACD (SA-CD), DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby TrueHD, Automatic Lipsync Compensation, 3D, Audio Return Channel, HDMI Ethernet Channel, Content Type, Multiple VSIFs, Multiple VSDBs, BT.2020, Colorimetry, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Not Applicable


*What CEC Features does your product/device support: Select all that apply:

One Touch Play, Routing Control, System Standby, Device OSD Name Transfer, Remote Control Pass Through, Give Device Power Status, System Audio Control, Audio Return Channel Control, Capability Discovery and Control for HEC, One Touch Record, Dynamic Auto Lipsync, or Not Applicable


*Does your product/device support HDCP: Select Yes or No


*If Yes, Does Product/Device Support Production Keys:  Select Yes or No


Note that your test experience may be limited if your device doesn’t support Production Keys.


*Can you turn HDCP on and off: Select Yes, or No


*HDCP advanced features supported: Select all that apply: Enhanced Link Verification, CP&EDID_HPD, HDCP 2.0/2.1, HDCP 2.2, or Not Applicable


*MHL version supported: Select all that apply: Version 1.3, Version 2.0, Version 3.0, or Not Applicable


Additional testing opportunities offered during the CEA-861 PlugFest

Additional test services may be offered to participants (certain qualifications may apply). These additional tests are offered during the general testing hours to sink, source and repeaters.



Now that you have reviewed the questions and prepared your responses in advance, visit the PlugFest21 registration site to register your team and devices.  Registration now available.  Click here.


For more information or questions about the registration process, please contact: