REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS (applies to CE product manufacturers and chip and software developers only)
Vendors/Suppliers should visit the Vendors Info page on how to register.
If at any time during the registration process you need assistance please contact
Please note that Sink/Receiving Teams and Repeaters acting as Sinks are required to have a testing suite.  Please make your reservations at the Embassy Suites San Francisco Airport-Waterfront and ask for the Group Rate: CEA.  See Hotel and Travel Info page for further details.

It is recommended that you review the Registration Questions and prepare your responses in advance of attempting to register online.

A registered Test Team is required to identify one device type to test as - either a Sink, Source or Repeater - for the entire time of the event. 

Registration Deadline: October 7, 2015  Registration is not available at this time.


First Step: – Designate a main contact person

·         This person will be responsible for registering the company’s Test Team(s), Team Leader(s), Team Members and Device(s) to be tested.

·         This person will be the main contact regarding company’s registration, payment of event fees and the Participant Agreement (NDA).


Second Step:Register the Test Team and Device(s)

This step involves having the main contact person:

·During the registration process, you will be required to create a username and password.  Keep these login credentials on hand for when you need to update your Test Team’s registration (you can change/substitute the device information, team leader and members at anytime before registration closes).

·         Register the company’s Test Team for the event providing all of the necessary contact information.  This will consist of providing a unique Team Name identifier which distinguishes the Test Team you are registering from other Test Teams your company may have participating.  If you need to register multiple Test Teams, then you will have to register each Test Team separately with different Team Names, Team Leaders and Members (each team must have their own testing device).  For each Test Team your company will require, you will need to create different login credentials.

·         Register the Team Leader.  Please provide requested contact information.  The Team Leader will be the point of contact regarding the Test Team’s test schedule.  It is recommended that the Team Leader actually be present onsite because the Team Leader will be the main point of contact for any onsite test schedule changes that the Test Team should be informed about.

·         Register the Test Team members.  Please provide requested contact information.

·         Register the device(s) the Test Team will be testing, providing responses to the required questions (see the link to the left titled Registration Questions).  A Test Team is allowed to test up-to 3 devices.  It is required that the devices a Test Team will bring be of the same device type: either Sink (Receiver) or Source (Transmitter) or Repeater.  A Test Team cannot test a device(s) as both a sink and source within the same test time slot, nor test a device(s) part-time as a Sink or Source.  You are required to test the entire event as one device type.      


Third Step: – Provide Payment

The person registering the team needs to enter credit card information to complete the Test Team’s registration.  The site is set-up to allow for individual Team Members to submit their own payment if needed (however they will need the log-in credentials that the person who registered your team created). 



·         The online payment section is a secured area.

·         Payments must be made by credit card.

·         Keep a copy of the e-mailed Confirmation PDF for proof of payment and for submitting to your company for reimbursement purposes.

·         You may cancel your registration up until October 7, 2015 for a refund minus a $50 processing fee (for each team registered separately).  After that date, you may substitute Team Members but no refund will be issued.


Deadline for event registration and payment is October 7, 2015.


Fourth Step: – Sign the Participant Agreement (NDA)

The main contact person must make sure that the company signs the CEA’s PlugFest21 Participant Agreement (NDA) as a condition of participation in this event. 




Deadline for submitting the NDA is October 7, 2015.